Please no more rare drops from holiday bosses

ill go ahead and state this again i suppose, maybe you didn’t read it

How about you reword the post title to reflect that versus playing defense allday?

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how about you realize that i’ve been successful and the mount drop chance has been greatly increased so i have no further use for this thread.

keep posting if you desperately need attention, though, i suppose.

i hope your day gets better

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My day is perectly fine, and has gotten better because I find it very amusing that you ask for something to occur in the post’s title “Please no more rare drops from holiday bosses”, which a request to remove loot opportunities, then support said request with the option to grind content for currency to purchase, then accept the increased droprate as a satisfactory compromise.

You bet. lmao
It was your post that made them see the light and increase the droprate.
A change that was made 3hrs before you even started the thread. :rofl:

You seem to have ignored this. Let me try again.


try again little friend.

this change was posted 17 hours ago, go ahead and take the link to this post and see for yourself.

THEN after you have successfully confirmed that the blue post was 17 hours old, you can go ahead and scroll up to my post and see that the OP in this thread is 23 hours old.

so that makes my post 6 hours earlier than the blue post.

i guess you’re gonna keep doing this lol

Oh you sweet naive child.
That hotfix was live @ reset yesterday.
I saw 6 carpets looted and looted one myself within 20mins after daily reset.
You should notice that the statements reads “We have recently released a hotfix” which would mean it was done prior to the linked post made.

I’m not posting to seek attention, I’m posting to help you see that asking for content be removed isn’t ever a good thing.


yes you are.

it took you literally 11 minutes to type out this post that has a grand total word count of 72. you wrote 6 words per minute lol

actually no, that’s not correct but you can keep posting for attention if you want.

i have better things to do, hopefully your day gets better so that you dont feel the need to desperately seek attention on the internet.

have a lovely day, friend :slight_smile:

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They have to pad player engagement/play time stats somehow. Why not with more FOMO items and skins? Gotta keep those investors happy, rather than… ya know… spend time on making fun content.


I’m hope they won’t put someting like this in the children week.


You gotta hiiden camera or something? Guess not. You didn’t see me go get a glass of tea and some tortila chips during that span of time. Stop stalking me!

I tried to help you but all you want to do is attack posters for doing so.
As a result, you are ignored. I truly hope you find peace soon.


this is not true - checked your collections and you do not have the “Noble Flying Carpet” learned…

so yeah, keep posting for attention if you desire.

when you are typing, it shows your picture at the bottom of the thread with three little dots…

Perhaps have it so that there is a currency to buy a vendor version of the mount that is Bind on Aquire.
also have the low drop mount as a useable item to acquire the mount that you could trade/sell.
Anyone who puts in enough effort will be able to buy the vendor mount but the lucky ones who get the drop can make some $ selling it to folks who would rather throw gold at you than do the work.


That’s what should have been the OP’s original request.
Not to replace the drops, but add a way to acquire via event currency.

right now you are typing.

so you don’t wanna tell me why you said you got the mount but dont have it learned in your collections?

Gentleman - Mounts - Collections (

yeah thats what i figured… just seeking attention.

hope your day gets better little buddy :slight_smile:

I’ve been SAYING THIS FOR YEARS!!! :dracthyr_lulmao:

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You’re not wrong, but they could get the same engagement out of a week long egg grind to buy this stuff.

We did it with Love is in the Air. Even my low pop server was constantly busy with people doing dailies so they could buy the new expensive items. It worked well.

I have the OP on ignore, so I don’t even know what their post says. LOL I just promote high vendor cost items for holidays and short term events in every thread like this. :grin:


Look, if I want to spend time doing something soul crushing I’ll just invite my family over for a meal.


At least they maybe listened and made this less of a pain.