Please let us use new models in Classic

Seriously this small thing would make this game infinitely more enjoyable for so many people, if I could use new models/graphics in Classic I’d likely never touch retail again but there’s a reason I didn’t really gravitate towards WoW back in the day when it released because it was just not a aesthetically good looking game. And before anyone complains about new models not working with old animations or whatever the new models did originally work with the old animations but then the option was eventually removed so this isn’t a valid argument against them and obviously we’d want all this to be completely optional so those who want their old ugly graphics can still have that.


Awful idea


Amazing comment, you’d be opposed to them even if you didn’t have to use them?

Yes. I don’t like the new character models, and would prefer Retail if it had taken completely different design decisions, more closely adhering to the original aesthetics.


Visual aesthetics and how the game plays are completely separate things I enjoy the way retail looks but much prefer the gameplay and progression of Classic they aren’t completely corresponding things.

I’m not sure how this is relevant to my comment. Perhaps you have replied to me on accident.

Everyone should be seeing the same world/character models.


They’re basically the same just y’know actually better looking this is kind of like saying everyone should play on the lowest or highest graphical settings.

There should be an option to enable the HD models, I think its something that wouldnt affect people that dont like them, I see only positives. Its weird to see people hating on this idea even though theres no downside to it


Go to retail if you want the current character models xoxo


Actually it didn’t work well, and was discontinued. Now that they’ve changed the animations, it will not work at all. Or so they claim.
Era is a museum piece, there must not be changes there. Perhaps you can get that on the seasonal servers.

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NO! The modern models are soulless and utterly overanimated trash!

Even just the overly wobbly movement animations are enough to make me sick! Human males with the new model stretch their hands outward when walking and dont get me started on the horrendous looking facial hair!

Forget about human males though, the movement part goes for 80% of the new models.

Terrible stuff! And i assure you this is not coming from a biased position.

Classic WoW is like a piece of art and i wouldnt want to see it changed.


Lol no they aren’t the old models look like hot garbage in comparison this entire comment is pure nostalgia goggles at its finest.

You’re correct. If the option was local, people that want it could have it and those that don’t, wouldn’t even see a change. Even if the new models were limited to the same character appearance options as the classic models (no new hairstyles, etc.), it would make people happy.

I would personally stick with the classic models because I like them and feel that many of the updated versions are bad adaptations (human male pineapple beard wtf), but it wouldn’t impact me at all. It would be an entirely cosmetic change that isn’t even perceivable to anyone else.

If I were to argue for the other side, I’d start with my lack of trust in blizzard implementing this without screwing it up in some completely avoidable way. Maybe they leave the new customization options in and then anyone using those options gets the default when seen by classic model users so they all look the same. Maybe they screw up the patching process and reintroduce a bunch of bugs. Maybe they do this properly by some miracle and then whoever is involved in making poor decisions at blizzard feels like they have a mandate to make more changes that are less controlled and ruin things.

I think (or hope, cuz sum ppl are just stupid) that naysayers are coming from a standpoint of I already know that I like the game the way it currently is so why would I trust that I’ll still like it when a company that has been rather infamous lately for it’s negligent incompetence starts making changes.

Having tried on both shoes, I could go either way on this one. I think the idea is good, but I currently don’t trust blizzard enough not to worry about how things could go wrong.

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No thanks.


Era is not 100% faithful to the original game, I think using the argument that it is a “museum” and it can’t be changed is flawed. People complained a lot about the optional HD water back in 2019, but is anyone complaining now? It would be the same for the optional HD player models.

Personally I think this is a hard thing to screw up, it takes no creativity to do it (by that I mean game design), its just code, and I believe that the devs are competent enough to pull this off if they really want to

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This is already not the case.

/console overrideArchive 1

Now your Undead models are the censored Chinese version. Skeletons are gravestones and many other small changes to the world. Sapphiron and other Undead Frost Wyrms are now plain ol’ Blue dragons.


its really not, and nothing even comparable to making it retail. Having something that isn’t an eye sore isn’t bad. You hardcore nostalgia people kill the game and is why classic only gets spikes on release then dwindles down to dead servers again… It wont ruin any gameplay, especially if you have the ability to turn it on and off. Get off ya high horse its still the same game. just looks better


Your opinion as that is entirely subjective.
More polys doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Let classic be classic and use the models from that era.
No to the retail models and animations (which I believe are garish).

editing my post since someone else edited above to include me

I am still not happy about that but they seem adamant about keeping it so I’m not banging my head against the wall over that.

However, the models and animations are a very different matter as that is the player’s avatar in the world. I get that people like the retail models but for me, the animations are ridiculous and the models for some races are atrocious (the new female tauren for example are horrid and Blizzard received numerous complaints before they were implemented that they refused to acknowledge - other races met similar resistance).

I understand that “Era is not 100% faithful to the original game” but all here are arguing in favor of their personal taste. When I said “let classic be classic” what I meant was that the model and animations are native to that version of the game and to keep the products distinct they should look different as well. Let the original models and animations remain in Classic.


playing retail and playing classic are two different things, Graphics don’t change the play style of game nitwit

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