Please increase the maximum zoom distance!

The maximum camera distance is too close. I have a large screen and I need a larger field of view to see enough to be effective during a raid. The old scripts and addons no longer function. I can only hope a new one comes out after Shadowlands.

It is ridiculous that Blizzard would limit what people can see despite the obvious facts. If you consider it unfair, you should increase the maximum viewing range for all of WoW for all players. I should be able to zoom out until my character is a little dot, but no.

Why not? (By the way, trick question, there’s no legit excuse).


I’m not sure about little dot, but I’d agree whatever changed its way too close. My wa’s are clipping my feet now.

yes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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I dunno why bliz would limit the zoom cam is always focused to my damn feet!!!


Why don’t you just put a telescope on the moon and go look at stuff up there. I swear people want to play a table top game at this point.

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You don’t raid in first person? Casual…


I know I’m a troll, but damn matorral gets troll trophy! Grats douche!


A billion times this. There used to be a macro for this, and then at the end of wod I think, it no longer worked.

It was great for tanking.


O yah healing sucks now that I cant scroll out far. Can barely see mobs 20yrds away if they aint straight in front of meh.


I want to see everyone as tiny ants while I play.


Am I the only person zooming in the camera so that I can look at my character’s butt?

What butt are you looking at?

a) Human butt
b) Worgen butt
c) Chicken butt
d) Cat butt
e) Bear butt
f) Travel forms butt

Druids are weird!


and tree form’s.

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Trees don’t have butts.

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Druids are weird.

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I miss the cameramaxfactor command :frowning:

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One of the features of Leatrix Plus lets you zoom a bit farther. Here’s a screenshot of one of my characters zoomed out:

Under Systems > Graphics and Sounds - Max camera zoom - Increase the maximum camera distance to get a bigger view of the action.


Mine does that. Then I can’t read the chat boxes cuz teeny tiny werds.

OP: did you try key binding your mouse scroll wheel? Zooms out pretty far.

My chat stays the same size I set it but I do also use Prat for a chat mod.

I mean, you don’t really need to zoom in far if you’re a guardian…