Please Fix WF [With Proof]

I hope it got reported already, but really, please fix the animation and the way the dmg applies. It looks so bad when every hit comes separate and delayed, whereas it should be instant, sometimes it doesn’t even go off when people out range you after the proc.

Destroys the satisfaction of the spec and isnt working as intended.

Reminder, thats how it should look:

Clip of WF doing nothing on BETA:

Procs but activates on second swing

UPDATE 2(bugged again):

how it looks and works now (sometimes):

Edit: WF works fine with instant dmg and animation+ numbers when it kills the target, if it doesnt the hits come seperate, the dmg delayed(dmg not always? delayed – dmg hits instant but animation and dmg number comes delayed as single hits with single animations happen fot the 2 extra swings <-this shouldn’t happen).


RIP Unbreakable

I suspect it’s a spell batching bug.

It seems as though their spell batching change has had issues with procs, causing the procs to occur one batch after the spell that triggered them instead of as part of the same batch.

(This is just a guess though, I don’t have beta and can’t thoroughly test it!)


And this is part of why i was against the idea of bringing it back. It’s going to cause alot more issues down the line that will require more coder/dev attention.

spell batching was in vanilla and the video above is from vanilla. If spell batching is the problem, they evidently can make it work.

no changes… please

make the coders code. Thats what they do. Sometimes overtime too.

Technical WF resets swing-timers, right? I guess we’d see a similar reaction to sword spec, HoJ, Ironfoe, Trashblade?

It doesn’t, it causes animation lag which apparently is where the windfury proccing windfury claims come from.

Except they had to change things to put it in and if it’s breaking more than it’s helping it’s obviously a system they might not be able to work.

Whats better, Annoy a portion of the pvp population that knows how to use it or fix glaring bugs/issues for a majority? If spell batching lets reck bombs go off (which is a clever use of game mechanics) we’re going to hear about this issue again.

Let the coders code… it’s not impossible to fix. That’s why there’s beta :wink:

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stop your crusade against spell batching. Its a beautiful system that thankfully got recreated. Play retail if u want it gone.

And now back to topic please.


So… WF just causes animation lag. Nothing else. Sounds like a cool weapon buff…

The mechanics of modern Classic spell batching and the original Vanilla spell batching are slightly different, as is their implementation.

This is why I suspect a bug may have crept in.

(To be clear I am not advocating for the removal of spell batching. I’m just guessing about where they can start looking for ways to fix this bug.)

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Well yes, that could be the problem.

Just wanted to raise awareness as I believe it would be a shame if the current way WF works on the Classic Beta would make it into the final product :).


Then the problem lies in using modern spell batching on a game that wasn’t designed for it.
The question is, if they can fix it or simply use the old batching.

I’m not on a crusade against it. What I am against is a system breaking more than it’s helping. If you break windfury it breaks more than just shamans.

Well it’s good they have a lengthy beta, so they will have time to fix stuff like this.

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Reviving this once for reasons.

They can’t use the old batching. That’s not possible. The old batching was an artifact of the old server mechanics, and since they’re not using the old servers, using the old batching is impossible.

Modern WoW doesn’t have “spell batching” in the sense that we’re talking about here. It’s technically the same system that Classic is using but it’s set up differently to the point that it’s basically a different system. What we’re discussing is the attempt of Blizzard to recreate the Vanilla mechanics using the modern server mechanics.

You can read more about the spell batching being used in Classic here: Spell Batching in Classic


Just saw WF procc, target running out of range (windfury extra swings not going off), switched to another target – the 2 extra hits procced without animation.

Don’t have footage of it sadly, wasn’t clipped. But that’s what it looked like.

I’ll take a closer look into it on stream. Maybe it will happen again, this time with footage.

I could be wrong ofc, just wanted to share.

Just watch the VOD, you can skip through to find it and clip from there.