Please Fix WF [With Proof]

Update 2:

Windfury seems to have a range check on each single extra swing.
Windfury procs and only puts out its extra swings if the shaman is in range to do so.
This is not how it should be – once procced the extra swings should apply instantly regardless of range.

Edit: seems like its not necessary range but just gets activated on the next swing sometimes. Really scuffed stuff.

Will add footage later.

Update 3: Footage added on top.


Watch some of the beavis season 3 and season 4 montages. You see alot of funky stuff with animations and windfury triggers.

Windfury was different in BC tho, got counted as spell (yellow numbers) + different animation.

We shouldnt take BC footage as reference. Vanilla Footage is up there and the difference is day and night. The procs dont even show in combat log.

Have a bump and a like for visibility, good work OP. This needs to be addressed ASAP.


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Doesn’t stop the behind the screen mechanics being the same. You can see people getting half a dozen steps before dropping, totem/buff animations throwing off the initial hit etc and other funky stuff happening.

Damage from it not showing up in logs is hugely worrying for any with a hope of raiding.

I kind of feel like anyone who is so slavishly obsessed with logs that they are willing to judge performance solely on the log, and is unwilling to account for a major bug (or unaware of the existence of it) is the kind of raid that you would be dodging a bullet by being kicked out of anyway.

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For sure. But all it takes is a few idiots that gauge raid logs as the only metric for viability and enhance shaman is pushed out of raiding further than it is now.

If the windfury weapon buff is bugged so it will neuter any percieved benefit from the totem aswell.


True, I forgot about potential impacts on the totem.

It probably would have the same bug, but we can’t test it since beta shamans don’t have it yet.

Totem is what level? I can’t remember back to when I leveled my shaman.

Windfury Totem (Rank 1) is level 32.

Thanks, I leveled a shaman in wrath which was a loooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg time ago.

In vanilla and bc windfury would hit after the animation. but ive never heard of the animation proccing and the damage not showing up 2 seconds later like it usually does.

Still bugged (was fixed for a short while).

Thats how it looks now: