PLEASE don’t change augmentation evoker

I’m loving the spec. My dps numbers go up which is never a bad thing. But not just mine, the other DPS in the key as well as in raid go up as well. More then enough to make up for their lower dps. I say keep them.

They have lower representation % in the single patch where they’re the strongest they’ll ever be than sPriest have had since DF launch - in the same group composition slot - in the same content (M+)

Beyond the scope of M+ into Mythic Raiding, they’re showing drastically lower pick % than both Demo and Destro have seen at their lowest % points. I’m assuming you’re cool with gutting Warlocks since they’re mandatory in Mythic raiding, right? Considering it has the highest top-end-performance and staggering class representation in mythic raiding?

+20 aren’t “high keys” this late in the season. Aug Evoker representation in 24+ keys is lower than the lowest point of sPriest or pPaladin representation was at any point in the season.

Also, in that same vein… Mage is showing nearly 3-to-1 to Aug Evoker, and Guardian Druid at 4-to-1 to Aug Evoker in keys over 24 for this week (Only possible reference point for this, as Aug didn’t exist prior to this week.)

For being “mandatory”, there sure are a lot of classes being picked over it - and having significantly more pick %, with higher performance.

Maybe you don’t know what you’re talking about. :person_shrugging:

Edit: Oh no, I looked at your slur-laden post history about you non-stop flaming and crying about aug evoker. I should have checked before I replied to you. What a waste of my time. :sob:

Then I guess they should release a support spec for every class? Otherwise no

Why? Not every class can be a tank or a healer, why support?

They really only need to add like 4-5 more which they probably will.

What entire role is stuck behind one race and class only? Sorry maybe we can just do like all but 1 class, would that be better for you? Are they going to make arena 4v4 now to compensate, just 1-2+ extra people per piece of content? 6 man dungeons and what not?

Aug is serving a great purpose in WoW; it highlights people who don’t know the difference in a class being overpowered, and a class amplifying overpowered things.

Aug Evoker is excellent at pointing out things that are insanely overpowered - like PI stacking, sPriest aoe, Fire Mage, Guardian Druid, etc.

If the Aug Evoker’s group composition isn’t pants-on-head goofy busted, neither is the Aug Evoker. Aug exists as a reflection of it’s surrounding class balance.

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Why do all that when they can just add more support specs? No one said every support has to be an Evoker lol where did you get that?

They would need to add in extra spots for support specs, otherwise it entirely ruins the scene in every piece of content as we’re already seeing in raiding, M+, and arena.

Entirely ruined? I’ve run raid and m+ just fine. Zero issues.

Reminds me of the multitude of vitriol thrown at anyone who was hoping Vulpera would be a playable race in BFA, and the even more mountainous and nasty vitriol thrown at them after they were confirmed.

Of course its still there, but it’s mainly behind the scenes now since enough time has passed its been realized those still playing them are going to continue regardless of whatever hate is thrown their way.

This part just requires Blizz to make the Augvoker hooks available to DPS meters, if they do that then people will actually understand Aug’s contribution.

The only other change that needs to be made is some kind of anti-cheese mechanic to prevent things like the 22 Augvoker + 2 UDK raid killing Heroic bosses in 20 seconds … maybe either a hard cap of three Augvoker buffs per target, or diminishing returns past three.

Oh true. I didn’t know every class can tank.

Why three?

Honestly, because that’s the most you could fit into a dungeon group, idk how well that would actually perform but I doubt it’s OP so it seemed like a good place to start with a cap.

Ignoring the utility kit the length of a CVS receipt.

Looks like Blizz decided to go with four as the magic number:

It’s broken and needs adjusting.

Actually the thing that causes that isn’t just “amount of buffs”, it’s that the buffs stack multiplicatively for some bizarre reason. That’s easily fixable…probably.

They already fixed it by capping the buffs at 4 of each evoker buff per person, as per the changelog posted a couple posts above.

no i didn’t, go away strawman weirdo