Please do something about crowd control

The crowd control bloat is out of control. It feels like in most arena and bg matches you spend half the fight locked down, either feared, asleep, cloned, slowed, whatever…you’re trying to play the game but almost everything is interrupted.
It felt like in the earlier days each class had a solid kick and stun, obviously some classes are made for cc’s (rogue and mage have a huge kit), but almost every class now has a bunch of additional micro cc’s, and in a fight you can barely move.
I feel like if we were to take a lot of these out, it would become more strategic to use a well timed cc, instead of just spamming slows and stuns. Like a rogues smoke bomb, if you misuse that you don’t get another chance for like 5 minutes (might be wrong on the exact cd…).
Chain clones, chain fears, all these things are ruining the experience. Healing is a nightmare, dps is just a cc race, not sure about tanking because I never do it…
I’m not super versed on DR’s, but I think I heard they aren’t all on the same chain…I don’t know if adjusting that will be a way to fix things? Putting every ability on the same DR? I think a lot of people know more about that than me.
I don’t know…it just feels awful playing pvp right now, like trying to go for a jog in 3 feet of water.


More like trying to jog in 4 feet in thick sticky swamp mud. Pvp is a disaster.

There is no strategy usually get 3-4 people afk, People farm middle and don’t use team work. And you know within 1-2 minutes that your team is throwing the match.

And even if your team threw the match the CC is out of control. Fear, polymorph, Stun, Death grip, slows, ETC is on a vicious cycle to keep you locked down. Then you die and then they graveyard camp till the match is over.

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DH has mobility problems.

This isn’t a CC issue, it’s a skill issue.


What’s the use of having a good video card if it feels like I’m getting 5FPS.

I can see the need for the CC. I can see the argument that it can’t be reduced for a host of reasons from the perspective of players I do not have. I’m also not a fan of ‘nerfing’ as much as buffing. I’d like to see them introduce stronger diminishing returns with actual full resistance to all forms of CC for x time.

Man, I’m really sad for the state of PvP right now. It feels broken to me. I feel like there is enough wrong with it that it’d be really hard to thoroughly fix.

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They need to bring back Resilience. It was a pvp specific stat that made pvp more doable.

They can make Resilience boost the effectiveness of DR on CC. Making less likely to be locked down in chain CC’s.

Melee check
Complaining about getting peeled check

The math def checks out



Terrible idea is terrible.

CC durations have kind of been gutted, though. Play more conservatively if you don’t have a stun break or healer nearby.

Used to be able to juggle people around in CC indefinitely.

Nah man I watch arena videos. And there are plenty of games where the player is legit hard ccd 90% of the fight.

Most 3v3s are actually 2v2s with 2 guys perma stunned.

If I had nickel for every time a Demon Hunter posted in General Discussion about CCs in PvP within the last 2 days, I would have 2 nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.


If someone knows if this is no longer accurate (it’s still pinned in the Arena forums), let me know.

Then you watched some bad players playing arena.

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If you see a mage casting poly, a druid casting cyclone, a rogue rushing towards your healer with an incoming kidney, stop them. Use your tools available to stop the enemy cc chains, dont just throw them out willy nilly. You can do your pve rotation into a non-stunned target, so why are you using your stun first global?

Instead of zugging, pay attention to cast bars and positioning, alot of those ccs are telegraphed and you can help your team by responding accordingly. If you see your healer is getting chained fear, why are you not kicking/cc’ing the lock and stopping it?

Pvp is a technical dance, not a zug zug feast. Shutting down the enemy cc is part of the game, restritcting thier ability to chain cc your team is part of being a group.

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Dude, don’t be that guy that always says its a skill issue. You can be the best player in the world right now and you’re still locked down non stop. Basic gaslighting statement

I think thats the pvp mechanic , its not just dps rush

Buy the PvP trinket…

Because it is a skill issue.

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You do know you can see the other team and judge just how bad it would turn out,it’s up to you to decide.