Please do not make World Quests daily

Yeah, gotta agree. I think its a bad choice. I would rather spend that time doing other things. I think the way it was before is better.

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They locked the thread because it derailed. Nice try though

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i thought it was dragon riding?

haha - nice try

A implies more than one. I didnt specify singular

Not gaslighting anything.

This change to daily chores is awful for players who play multiple characters and want to stay competitive in the game.

This is going to require me to ditch my alts and play one character as ill be stuck with hours of chores a day to do.

Dont do the chores, dont get the loot and other advantages.

Glad the player who does nothing with all that rep is happy tho. They can have that sweet 389 chest at 25 renown to… uhh… idk sit in town with?

This game was advertised as doing away with daily chores, feeling like you are required to do something every day… and it took 6 days for them to completely revert that entire idea.

Was a fun 6 days i guess.


major selling point. a small change in world quest behavior is not that.

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I disagree. I get to play rarely or in spurts, so I’m the type of person who falls behind.

Buts nice being able to hard charge on content when I get the chance. And to be honest, I’ve always felt like arbitrarily holding people back with time-hating detracts from the experience of others.

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I mean, the people who only log on for world quests? And are some how blind to literally the rest of the game sorry i doubt that specific voice mattered in that thread verse the derailment of haha just dont do wqs kek derailment banter

there is literally nothing with world quests thats tied to player power. renown is not tied to player power at all.

And that reason was to announce that the change was not going to happen after all.

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where is your source

Discounting the campaign which will be required for 10.1
Gear to get a leg up in raids
Patterns for early economic boost

Nope nothing important

Good news:


Are you stupid? Do you see the rewards for 20-25 reknown? You see those purples? Wtf so you think those ilvls are.

They are 389+ for having that. So do I need to explain it for you?

Do more dailies = better rep = better loot.

Simple as that dumbo.


then blame blizzard for locking that stuff behind rewnown. not players

Then don’t do them some people like open world content. Who are you to restrict their gameplay?

I bet they vastly out number every other player population.


Open world content isnt just world quests lol

:point_up_2: /thread.


I am over 65 - I don’t enjoy that rush rush content that takes place in dungeons and raids and pvp anymore.