Please do not make World Quests daily

I mean, the people who only log on for world quests? And are some how blind to literally the rest of the game sorry i doubt that specific voice mattered in that thread verse the derailment of haha just dont do wqs kek derailment banter

there is literally nothing with world quests thats tied to player power. renown is not tied to player power at all.

And that reason was to announce that the change was not going to happen after all.

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where is your source

Discounting the campaign which will be required for 10.1
Gear to get a leg up in raids
Patterns for early economic boost

Nope nothing important

Good news:


Are you stupid? Do you see the rewards for 20-25 reknown? You see those purples? Wtf so you think those ilvls are.

They are 389+ for having that. So do I need to explain it for you?

Do more dailies = better rep = better loot.

Simple as that dumbo.


then blame blizzard for locking that stuff behind rewnown. not players

Then don’t do them some people like open world content. Who are you to restrict their gameplay?

I bet they vastly out number every other player population.


Open world content isnt just world quests lol

:point_up_2: /thread.


I am over 65 - I don’t enjoy that rush rush content that takes place in dungeons and raids and pvp anymore.

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If you don’t want to do it don’t do it. Casuals are told if you don’t want to raid do without raid rewards. Well if you don’t want to do dailies then do without the dailies rewards.


one piece of gear for months of playing - is that a ‘deal’ to you? You can get 385 gear by killing rares daily.

A major selling point for DF was that there was going to be less content for people to do at any given time? How does that work?

Who are you competing with in the PvE portion of the game?

What happens if someone gets more renown than you if you’re not fighting them directly? Is this like people who refuse to zipper merge on the freeway because if someone gets one car length ahead of them they “win”?

If you don’t want to do ‘daily chores’, if you don’t think that logging in every day and hitting up World Quests is fun, don’t do it. No one needs you to do it. No one is making you do it. And if someone else does, all that means is that they get one turn farther on a meaningless hamster wheel. You will get the same amount of rotations eventually, at your own pace and with your own tolerance.

Meanwhile, for other people, for apparently a lot of people for Blizzard to make this change so soon, hitting up WQs daily is their primary source of fun in the game. They can log in, do some light stress-free PVE content and feel like they moved a little closer to a tangible goal. Being timegated to an every-few-days loop left them without things to do that felt like they gave them some kind of progress. Sure, they could go out and fish and herb farm or something, but that’s not what they enjoy. That’s not what they play the game for.

If World Quests aren’t your primary content, you don’t like them, you want to do other things? Don’t then. You’re not competing with anyone. It doesn’t matter if someone else gets to Renown 30 first. Do the things you enjoy at the pace that you enjoy them, and don’t worry what other people are doing in Player-versus-ENVIRONMENT content.


How is everybody having access to daily world quest only for casuals?


Do they give rep now? Why would they take it away? Make it less? Probably. Delete it entirely? When have WQs not given rep?

Not sure what this means.

No it isn’t. Maybe for YOU, but you don’t speak for everyone. There’s barely anything on Renown that’s player power. So this doesn’t even make sense.

That’s a you problem.

Yes, let’s just ignore the fact that 98% of the Renown rewards are cosmetics. :rofl:

No it wasn’t.

You aren’t required. There are no borrowed power systems.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. A few quests every day isn’t going to kill anyone.


I mean, you ahve to do a TON of work to get that 385 gear lol… it doesnt just magically happen level 12 warlock.

Ha, funny how you went from “none” to “barely any” so quickly.

So you admit there is player power from Renown. Wow who could have guessed!


Moot point now, since the change is not happening, but the theory was that instead of 18 3 day world quests, we get 6 1 day world quests. same number of world quests overall, but more spread out