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Hi there!

S priest (possibly warlock, depending on how the changes shake out) here looking for a new guild in shadowlands. I’ve been playing off and on since vanilla and have previous mythic raid experience. I’ve done a lot of mythic + the past 2 xpacs as well across my toons, have one of every class at max level.

btag: Tryforce#1613

I would love to chat with you guys about joining up!

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Looking for a couple more people to round out our roster going into Shadowlands.

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LF more friends, especially a holy paladin

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Even with the delays we are still looking for a holy pally and some more DPS.

Doing weekly heroic raids looking for more people to round out our roster for Shadowlands.

Looking for more fresh blood.

20 days to launch!

Need more people

Are there any spriests out there?

Looking for more dot friends. I want some shadowy friends!

I thought people liked to play DH’s? Anyone a havoc DH?

Any purple squares that like to shoot lazerbeams from their eyes? We are Still looking for dps DH.

Still would like a DH friend. All of our lovely wizards will thank you.

Bump good start to the xpac but looking for a couple more to round out the crew

Im a DH. Shoot me a msg. Discord ~ Levy#0929

Updoot for 1-3 dps

Updoot for boomkin/lock and other damage boys and girls


Inerva dead! Looking for a mage.