[H] 3-4+ people looking for Mythic raiding guild

We’re recently transferred and looking for a Mythic raiding guild to call home. We’ve been raiding together for over ten years, and have both casual and hardcore raiding experience.

We haven’t really stepped into mythic raiding much in the past aside from a few bosses here or there, but have no doubts we’ll be able to compete and contribute in new content.

We’re actually from a smaller guild that usually clears normal/heroic content but could never sustain a 20 man roster to push into mythic. (We’re not big fans of running pugs.) Soooo we may have a few more people if the fit is right.

Disc/Shadow Priest
DPS Deathknight

Looking for something that starts at or after 8pm server time. We don’t really care about the size of the guild, but we’re not really snowflake culture appropriate. lol Anyway if you think your guild might be a fit my btag is Chaserjane#1755

Hey there just added you. Feel free to check out my guild post to get initial info:

Hi Chychy,

I have sent you a btag request as I would like to be able to talk to you more in regards to joining the guild Fire.

We offer a full guild experience with transmog runs, Mythic+ keys, and PVP. We believe that working together is the best way to attain success.

Planned raid times: 9:00PM ET - 12:00AM ET. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

My btag is smurffette#11901

[After Nerf] The goal we are setting as a guild is to simply push CE at a pacing where we hit the hardest high wipe bosses as they take their first nerf wave. We want to offer a low raid burnout environment while still having a high skill and tight competitive raid team full of players that enjoy playing outside of raid and pushing M+. Raid hours 7 - 10 EST on Tues / Thurs / (Mon if we are progressing on a boss or for an alt run)
Contact us on discord:
GodEmperor jong#0705

holla brother

Hey pal! I gave you an add!