Please buff Sub

Sub has basically been a meme spec all of BFA. Can we PLEASE get a sub buff so rogue stops feeling so stale?


It’s not getting buffed because it’s getting a pretty substantial rework in 9.0 and Blizzard doesn’t want anyone to get attached to the current version of Sub (confirmed by Ion btw, shadow theme getting cut)

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The shadow theme for Sub was excessive.

Bringing back classic sub would be fun.

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Really? When did he say this?

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Here’s the link to the german interview where he said it, though it’s not translated. Ion’s liked posts about it on twitter so the interview’s legit.

Here’s what it says using Google Translate anyway, with a few things corrected:

But there are a few specializations that we want to touch. This includes, for example, the Subtlety Rogue, because it has moved a lot in the direction of shadow magic and teleportation in recent years, and this no longer corresponds to what you think of as a WoW Rogue. We may be moving more towards control, sneaking and the image of the PvP archetype again.

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I will admit they went a little overboard on the whole shadow magic stuff since legion. However, a rogue dipping into shadowy powers is a strong fantasy theme that I’ve utilized even with some of my PnP characters. Things like shadow reflection, shadow dance, CoS and shadowstep are really cool flavor.

Just hope they don’t bork the spec and make it only viable in PvP again. I’ve enjoyed playing sub a lot in Pve these past two expansions.


My character has been a Subtlety Rogue since 2005 and I absolutely can’t stand the two new expansions. They ruined my character entirely. I don’t even recognize my character as a WoW Rogue anymore.

I’m more than fine with nu-Rogue Subtlety PVErs being disappointed, if that’s what it takes to get my Rogue back. Go play a PnP Rogue if that’s what you want – it’s not fair to force this gaudy, hamfisted trash on those of us who have loved playing a Subtlety Rogue from the beginning.


If you really want dev attention to “Buff x spec, class” you really should be posting this in GD.

Plan out your post and spend time to make it worth their while, why they should buff it. The devs will only really consider these types of post that are well thought out and written with sincerity. Ie. Don’t call the dev names cause they’lll just ignore it and move on.