Please bring back werebear Forms

Can we get the legion werebear forms ? For example, if you defeat the mage tower in the current expansion you can unlock the legion versions or add them in the trading post to buy only if you have the achievement of defeating the mage tower.

  • Also swipe and thrash new attack animations in 10.1 need more work

You got werebear back. If you mean Legion’s actual werebear colors n all, then no, absolutely not. Those are and were promised to never return again, and they were gotten under the premise of those items never returning again nor should they.

Instead, though, I would rather see them doing newer things and newer skins instead of bringing back older things n older skins.


I see this argument all the time on the forums. I’m in favor of either bringing back the original mage tower forms or new forms, or both.


Because it’s true, the original skins were not meant to be coming back. They stated that those skins were not coming back once the Mage Tower goes away and get the skins while you can. They gave an entire expansion for people to get those skins and once that expansion went away, too late then.

It sucks for those who were not playing during then, but yeah they should not be brought back under any circumstances. Leave those alone to those who got them.

Newer forms is great to ask for. Newer skins, like maybe an actual coca cola bear skin or a dragon-like bear skin would be quite awesome, a bear skin with wings would be awesome. Anything else would be awesome, and fine to ask for.


what about people that started playing the game in BFA ? I agree it shouldn’t be easy to unlock them ,its like saying Dragonriding mounts will go away after Dragonflight and the people that didn’t play during the expansion will have to use their regular mounts. Makes no sense right ? well that’s how the werebear argument feels for druids BFA +


The thing is, people have been asking for both new skins and/or old skins to be brought back ever since BFA. Other than a few race specific skins ( zandalari druid or Kul Tiran druid), it hasn’t happened. So getting the ole “well just keep asking for new skins!” kind of gets old.

It does make sense because systems like this are expansion only. If you played during the expansion you got to experience it. Much like how concerts, when they’re live in that moment, you will never experience that moment if you missed it.

It makes perfect sense and it’s the same principle, does it suck for you that you missed it? Yep, but there is no time machine invented so can’t nor shouldn’t go back. I understand your point; it’s not fair. Life’s not fair, nothing is fair, actually, and that includes games, too.

An example of an unfair thing is this: Every tank is different from the others, correct? So, in that regards every tank has something the other tanks do not have, right? Like no other tank turns into a bear. That’s not fair to Paladins, to Deathknights, Demon Hunters, Monks or Warriors. Paladins have an invincible mechanic. That’s not fair to Druids and other non Paladins, right? Again, things aren’t fair, nor should they be fair, either. If you were around you had the opportunity to get it. If you were not, you missed out. It sucks, sorry.

New skins is exactly what you should be asking for, and they did come out with it. The newer werebear is your newer skin for the MT. It’s just like the original werebear, it just is slightly different in color n stuff, but outside of that it’s basically the same model and same skin. If that ain’t enough for you, sorry friends, but no, they should not be coming back at all.

Also, as this always gets brought up, yes I did play during Legion, I did get MT skins for my Warlock n some of the specs of Druid. I did not get werebear as I do not enjoy its look, nor would I want it even now still. I advocate for it because this is a very slippery and dangerous slope, not to mention it was premised they were going away to never return. Some things are like that in life and you just gotta get over it. I will never be able to see old bands like Mr Mister, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and some very old bands live in concert because I was not born around those eras/times or old enough to go see them. Again, things aren’t fair, and certain items are time sensitive. Those are very time sensitive. If you were around and got em, cool. If not, you missed out.

Seeing people asking for them to be brought back also gets old, too. You weren’t around for it, couldn’t play during it, insert some other excuse, etc. fact is you missed out. It should stay that way, too, because them bringing them back hurts the value of said skins so much more than them bringing back would add value.


If you have played WoW long enough you know this is just not true. 100% the werebear forms will be brought back at some point. These forms where not very challenging compared to the new Mage Tower and ANYONE that wanted werebear form during legion was able to get it. Its not super special to have it and with the lack of options available for druid forms they are sure to make this available again.

Does it suck you missed it? No, not really the new werebear not only looks better but is more challenging to get. What sucks is the lack of options for druid bear forms relative to the amount of time this game has been out.

This is completely opposite of how Blizzard has approached this game since release. Literally everything becomes available again in some shape or form. People like this that cling on to items that are no longer available because they think it adds some sort of status to their character are not who the company caters to. (there is no value decrease in the werebear form to add it back into the game because there is no value to the werebear form its cosmetic)

Whats old and tired is this argument that something should remain unavailable in the game because it makes those who have already obtained it feel special.


I gotta say… as someone who is normally in support of keeping unique content unique… Your answer really makes me want to argue for bringing those things back lol. The whole “life’s not fair” argument made me roll my eyes to the back of my skull.

As someone who completed all of the original MoP CMs and a few of the Tower challenges, I will confirm by the end of the expansion they were easier to obtain than most of the current iterations of the MT.

I’d rather see these things locked behind skill/knowledge of one’s spec instead of just playing at the exact moment in time (especially when arguments in support of it rely on things like “life’s not fair” in a video game lol)


No, it’s very true because they’ve even talked about this themselves. They do not want to bring back the original MT skins, period. They don’t want to mess with the achievements people had, the prestiege of getting them during that time, etc.

That doesn’t matter, it was premised on the fact it was going away bro. You missed out, regardless of whatever reasoning you’ve come up with you’ve missed out.

No, they’ve already stated it in a blue post, too. They aren’t making the exact skin available again, no matter how many times people cry about it or want it, it’s not coming back. Now, they don’t mind making new things, as we’ve seen with the newer werebear skin. It’s very similar in both model and everything else. If that isn’t good enough for people, then get over it because no, it’s not coming back. And you will have 100% as much pushback on this as you have push for this. This is an actual split in the community about things like this and it’s straight on 50/50 with all of the devs supporting not bringing this back so again, no, it’s not coming back.

Agreed, the newer one does look cooler and it’s newer. I don’t understand why this need to bring back the exact werebear thing from the past is when the newer one is actually better. If it’s an “I gotta collect em all thing” then F that, no, some things you just can’t collect.

This is not the case at all, pal, and you can see that with how the newer MT skins are. Old MT was brought back, yes, and it’s challenging sure, but the skins aren’t the exact models so no, not everything comes back in one time or another in some form or another. Another thing not been brought back is the old RaF mounts, too, that you got for the old RaF models. I don’t see any new Obsidian Nightwing mounts. I see newer and more multiple person mounts, sure, but not really for RaF like there had been.

In some forms and fashion yes they do because they understand how valuable prestige and all works.

Yes there is, if you think otherwise then you don’t know how things get valued. Half the reason something is valuable is because of rarity. If something isn’t rare, it’s not as valuable as something that is rare. Go and take a Psychology course and then come back and tell me things like this don’t have value, and then you will see, first hand, they are.

What’s old is people trying to bring back things MT and cosmetics that were told and premised on their removal and non return once the expansion goes away, too. Again, ask for new things, stop asking for old.

I don’t care whether you enjoyed my argument or not, Life is not fair, get over it. The more people realistically understand things aren’t fair and can accept that, the better the world will become, less cry babies you will have, too. Everyone has a sob story in one way or fashion and no, they all don’t actually matter. You can argue they do, but no, they don’t. The random person you see out on the street that you will never bring in to your house because you don’t know anything about them, yeah, that’s one sob story that doesn’t matter to people as a whole. If anyone says otherwise I better be seeing you feeding homeless, and offering them shelter or else you’re nothing more than a hypocrite serving your own purpose and agenda. At least I’m consistent to everyone, those who got it got it. It stays buried. Those who did not get it do not get it. It stays buried.

That doesn’t matter, the prestige is you were there, you got it. It’s no longer available. Whether difficult or easy, that matters in that moment, not 15 expansions later.

Your opinion, coolio for you.

You realize that video games are basically like life, too, right? They’re a business, not a charity. You’re paying to play this game, a service. Also, people like you who flip flop do make good subjects.


Man, that was tough to read lmao… and it takes a lot for me to cringe

I guess I can only blame myself for falling for the bait :man_shrugging:


Cringe or not, the truth cares not about your feelings, nor my own. It’s the truth, regardless of whether people accept it or not, regardless of whether people can handle it or not. That doesn’t matter, the truth is the truth. There is no “my truth” nonsense, just like there is just the facts and then how you react to those facts. Of course there’s lies, too, which people want to believe more than the truth because the lies absolutely will comfort you.

Indeed, you and anyone else thinking facts are cringe. Granted I could have worded it a bit better, but the hard truth is; you don’t always get what you want.

There’s plenty of examples, both in this game and in the real world. If you’re cringing because I used real world things, you’re quite a cringe worthy person, most likely with quite a bit of anxiety and more often than not most likely someone who is just too nice.

There’s a limit to everything, including kindness. The faster people accept some things just won’t be back because half their value is in them actually being gone, the better and more we can move on. This kind of topic gets brought up 185 times an expansion and every time it’s met in the same way it’s brought up; the community is quite 50/50 on things like this and the devs understand how things are determined in value. They aren’t going to budge on this because this is just a stepping stone, too, in a very very very huge wave that’ll open up with pandora’s box.


Hard laugh out loud at this. Do you know how many times Blizzard stated in a blue post that they would never allow legendary weapons to be transmogged? They always make this stuff available and its more a matter of when than if.

I didnt play legion and I dont feel like I missed out. The form is not that special it should be available for everyone though, not because its super cool and prestigious (it isnt) but because there is a lack of options available for druid bear form.

This is the pot calling the kettle black. What I dont understand is how passionately people protest bringing it back. Is it a “I got it and now nobody can get it so I am special” thing? if it is than F that.

Oh wait I do understand it, its an attempt to perma-gate what was an easy to get COSMETIC appearance so other people cant “reduce the value” of having it. The value of having it obviously being that they get to feel special.

Yeah look at the black market auction hall, the transmogs that where made available for people who didnt get the original grand marshal stuff ect. There are a few examples of items that have not returned yet but trust me they will. Eventually the whiners that complain about these “prestigious” things not being available to everyone else lose out.

If you think having a werebear skin color that other people cant access brings you some sort of prestige you should go outside.

But this wasnt rare. It was an easy to get appearance and people who didnt get it are people who were just not playing legion at the time. If it was a rare drop or even required half the skill MT takes now than maybe it would be rare, but the truth is the original MT was nerfed to the ground so everyone could get the appearances before it went away.

People are asking for this because of the lack of appearance options for bears, not because its some super prestigious form. If blizzard introduced new bear forms with every expansion your argument would make more sense, but they dont. The point is why are they perma gating any bear forms when the options are so few.

LOL the way this is worded you have read one too many fantasy fiction novels. Nobodys feelings are hurt because they dont have a reskinned werebear however, I am sure you and your feelings will be devastated once they bring it back.


I mostly agree with this, except Guardian druids are literally stuck in bear form for majority of their game play so they should be allowed to get it. A lot of people didn’t even really do anything, by the end it was a log in and attempt it once reward.

you jelly


I love how there’s 2 sides to every coin.

People protesting to not have it brought back, and they have their reasons.
Then the people who want it, bashing on those who don’t want it to come back and telling them to go outside, when they’re protesting just as hard to get it because they want it.

Ah, Irony at its finest


It’s an “it was advertised to never come back again after the expansion is done” thing. If they didn’t advertise it as such, I don’t think many, if any, would actually care, myself included but it was advertised on the premise of literally never coming back again after Legion, which again it is what the premise of it all was.

Cool, you’re one of the D-Bags, got it. Next D-Bag, step up. I’ll literally flame everyone who thinks like this, it doesn’t matter. There’s always a natural state things expire, and things when they expire should not be brought back unless told they would be brought back. If not told, then they should stay expired. I don’t care about how you feel nor how anyone else feels and shaming language will not dissuade me otherwise, it will, instead, just make sure I know where to press because it hurts.

That’s been the saying for multiple expansions now. It hasn’t happened yet, and still won’t happen 15 expansions down the line, either. “it hasn’t happened yet” – 18 expansions later “it hasn’t happened yet, but it will” 37 expansions later, same thing. Who knows, maybe at the 100th expansion they might bring it back and then your great great great great grandchildren 15 generations down the line could tell my grave I was wrong. That’ll show me.

Maybe 100 expansions in, sure, but by then I’ll be long dead and won’t give 2 craps, 3 cows and 10 chickens who gets what.

If you think you could shame or should shame other people, you should go outside. You’re too sensitive, as are the others.

It’s rare now, isn’t it? Obviously it is rare to someone who didn’t play that expansion. Oh, snaps.

Yes, why did they nerf it so people could get it? Bingo, before it WENT AWAY, because it was said to never be coming back, so get it now while it’s hot. Much like how when ya go to a homeless shelter you better get that food before it goes away because all that food goes rather quickly in very big cities.

Point is; it was going away, so regardless of how good, how easy, how difficult it was to obtain, none of that mattered then nor does it now. It’s a prestigious reward for playing that expansion at the time. If you missed out you missed out, tough luck buttercup.

Then ask for newer appearances, not older ones, as always gets stated. This horse has been beaten to death thousands of times, with thousands of threads and in each thread you get 50/50 split by the time they lock that thread with half the people wanting old stuff to come back and the other half not wanting old stuff to come back. Again, no. Keep asking for new things, stop asking for old things.

Because it was advertised as going away, to literally never return again. Why do you guys keep trying to make them break their word or promises for selfish greed? Stop trying to turn them into liars. Literally, just stop. People keep being unable to trust them to keep their word because people like you keep trying to get them to break it. They cave for some things and then everyone distrusts them because their word means nothing since they keep breaking it. Stop trying to get them to stay bad, again ask for newer forms, ask for more forms, ask for new things. Stop trying to get old things returned. Ask for a coca cola bear form. Ask for a dragon-esque looking bear form since this is an expansion with dragons. Ask for literally some other newer and cooler looking bear forms. Stop asking for what’s been retired to come back.

Apparently your feelings and other people’s are, though.

Sure, if ya say so m8.

They be very jelly, agreed. The hilarious part of it all is the “it’ll be back, just watch” and that’s been said for 3 expansions now and still isn’t going to be the case, too for this and the next 5 or more. They understand things are valuable based in rarity, much like how collectors of anything are collecting things always looking towards the future, not the present nor past. “This will be valuable in 30 years’ time.” Yeppo, it sure will be.

Agreed very much, I was laughing a bit, too, it really is a pot meets kettle charade, especially those who use the shaming language, too. Cringe af but funny, it’s like the 8th grade dance all over again, time for me to go stand in the corner.


Lol again pot meet kettle. Its not about how I feel, its about how you feel. You can write as much as you want that people have hurt feelings because a cosmetic appearance is not available to them and it still wont make it true. Its you and the rest of the people who campaign to “keep things special” that have the hurt feelings.

Nobody cares about “showing you” anything. This thread isnt about you and nobody cares what you personally think. Your posts are so pathetic they make easy quote fodder please dont confuse that with anyone caring.

Except it only took them two expansions to offer a reskin of the super special appearance that nobody else can get after Legion. People like you where crying when that happened and you will be crying when the full appearances are offered.

If you think this is shaming its you who is too sensitive. The point being if you are getting some sort of feelings of accomplishment by being online for a participation trophy that blizzard then made unavailable you should prob take a break from the game.

No , its not rare. I dont know the numbers but I would guess more than half the druids playing the game have it. Many others have it on alts they dont even play, and most of the druids who played during legion got it. It seems more rare to not have it.

Telling me to toughen up while simultaneously talking about how a participation award is so prestigious (that you don’t even have) is almost as hilarious as your terrible grammar

Right because its me and everyone else in here crying about how old forms shouldnt come back in a post about bringing them back

Using the term “m8” and then thinking it was some sort of witty retort, dont even know where to begin with that.

I am not convinced you know what irony means. Also never once in this thread did I say I want this particular form back. I simple stated it will be brought back at some point and it will. The reality is the majority of people that cry over this issue are the ones who got it as a participation trophy and cling on the forms unavailability as some pseudo status symbol, its not.

It will eventually be brought back regardless of the hurt feelings and crying from those players that feel blizzard “promised” them something.

All I hear here is Wah Wah Wah Wah

Lol looks like that comment cut a little too close to the bone for the FOTM reroller.

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Imo, leave the original skins locked away, but add recolors of both the bear and cat forms. Recolors are Blizz’s specialty after all.
Fel bear is still neat, even though now that I see it everywhere I went back to using my avatar skins, but more options is never a bad thing for being able to feel unique and have some identity.
In a time where limited-time mounts and things are being offered up here and there, there’s no reason to continue locking those style of forms away.


This is correct…every tank has survivability except guardian druids…this is obviously like a concert; if you dont play another tank you dont get to experience survivability :smiley: