Please blizzard

just stop making bad content

please test the hitboxes on AOEs before putting them in the game

please stop hiring game dev majors that don’t know how to program hit detection

please stop making trash with inflated health bars and badly designed terrain that’s impossible to negotiate without flying

please just make good content

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The game has worse issues than hit detections tbh

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What is bad to some can be considered good to others. This statement provides nothing of discussion.

This is a pretty minor thing to complain about. Do you have specific examples?

Again, a very oddly minor problem that I haven’t run into in this game. Examples?

Trash is a real problem in dungeons this expansion, especially when it’s Fortitude week. Also trash pulls like the one before Zul feel awful.

Terrain is perfectly navigable without flight. These zones were far easier than Legion, though I hate Dazar’alor’s lay out for the Horde. Other than that, though, I’ve been alright.

What is bad to some can be considered good to others. This statement provides nothing of discussion.


Okay but is the land negotiable?

That depends, how does Therazane feel about things these days?


TBF the current “content” if you can even call it that, is really bad, its just farming dailies and WQs…


sounds like they should employ you? maybe you should apply…


I mean…in Wrath I was farming dailies. In BC I was doing Heroic dungeons and my Netherwing dailies. In Cata I was doing dailies.

We’ve been doing dailies for 15 years. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed is the vehicle through which you experience the world. And if that’s a little rust bucket with nothing comfortable or nice about it, then the rest of the game feels bad.


And raiding and dungeons.

How does that compare to previous expansions?

PLEASE format your post.

It’s listed as a risk factor to the stockholders, ‘The ability to recruit, maintain, and motivate talented developers.’

Who would work for a corporation that sets record profits and then lays off 750 folks? No one with talent is looking to get hired by a predatory corporation.

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Well mainly because its JUST that, the fact that you also get really good gear from WQs also doesnt help

And before you could at least get some good rewards for getting exalted, now all you get is gold sink mounts (which mostly are recolors).

Besides every single thing is time gated, before you could beat yourself farming rep to get ex has fast has possible now you cant, you are forced to wait, now why that is i wonder…, oh yeah, to force people to play for longer

So…no real difference in content then?

Every single major business runs the practice of regularly laying off low skilled workers to pretty up profits. Blizzard is not unique. Most of the people laid off were at the low end of the totem pole and associated with projects they were no longer investing in as heavily(like eSports).

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May be in the U.S. most of Europe has laws that prevent this practice.

We could take into account how Professions are borderline useless outside of a few, such has alchemy.

How tier sets got removed, plus unique set designs for classes.

PvP vendor.

And other things.

They removed everything to make WQs and Dailies the only thing left, and Dungeons are pretty much a waste of time outside of Keys for the very reason i mentioned in my other comment.

This is something that started in Legion and got considerably worse in BFA

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Marketing and customer service too.

800 people out of 9600 were let go.

Working for a company that had a great year too I might add.

“financial results for 2018 were the best in our history” Right outta the Koticks mouth.

I hope Karma does its magic.


Blizzard is a US company. No one cares about Europe.


This is a valid complaint. They need to bring back sockets as baseline, for starters, so JCing doesn’t feel pointless. And I’d love the glyph panel again.

Also valid. Azerite is horrible, I hate the neck, I want it all gone. Tier sets need to come back.

Should be a thing.

But the above stuff has nothing to do with world content. Even if we had that stuff, we would still be doing world quests and dailies, which is what you complained about.

While there is too much focus on affixes, dungeons are in a better place than they’ve ever been. I think Heroic needs to be removed and for them to keep Normal for leveling/story content and Mythic for actual progression. But dungeons haven’t been relevant past launch for many expansions, and now they actually are. Which has been nice.

So they haven’t removed everything. That’s being a little unfair. A lot is still in the game, but they do need to bring back things like tier sets and improve upon professions.

BfA is considerably worse, but it’s class design and how horrific Azerite is that makes it feel this bad, honestly.

It doesn’t matter. The company is owned by its investors. These practices are done to show higher growth because growth must be shown or they take a big financial hit by losing investors. That’s the downside of being a publicly traded company.