Please Blizzard, Don’t Add Vulpera

(Wereberius) #1

Amidst what honestly seems like a sea of opposition against this plea, I would like to voice it anyway. Please Blizzard, don’t add Vulpera into WoW as a playable race.

They are nauseatingly cute. We already have tolerably cute races with both Gnomes and Pandaren. Also, we already have three humanoid/animal hybrid races with the Worgen, Tauren, and Pandaren. Four, if you count Highmountain Tauren. Lastly, I know people want this as an allied race. If you were to add them, I think it’s best for them not to be an allied race because even though you said they are not meant to be subraces, they kind of clearly are. And that’s good. Because new races should be given special attention.

This is just my request. I don’t want people to think I’m bashing others who want it, but it is something that would really sour the game for me. Because all other problems that WoW faces could be fixed but major creative decisions, like the addition of new races, can’t just be reversed.

(Tellus) #2

Well I hope they DO add them and it sours your game even further. Gotta have those alpaca mounts!


Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.
The story is moving on and the trash pandas will be left out in the desert to rot away into history.
8.2 was their only real shot of being added and Blizz already shot that down.

(Fallynn) #4

Blizzard, please do add Vulpera. I’ll be rolling one if they do. I don’t really feel bad for someone that gets all offended over what others play.

Edit: Because some people are unable to scroll down and read what I say, it’s based on how the race looks. Which would be very plain and obvious to see, based on what OP said, with, oh wait:

Yeah. :woman_shrugging:

(Hella) #5

And? If they did get added you could simply not play one.

Gimmie my Vulpera!

(Imatroll) #6

The mighty Horde. An alliance of foxes and their various elven allies.

(Fallynn) #7

Summary of threads like this: Why do people not play what I want them to play?


Every new race/allied race has people who simply hate them for whatever reason. The ironic part is that a lot of the people who post about how much they hate the new race is posting on a race that was equally or more hated when they were announced or introduced. The more races and allied races the better in my opinion.

(Bipzi) #9

Obviously the solution the OP is looking for is… more elves.

No thanks. I’d rather have Vulpera/Gilblins.

(Nyariá) #10

Vulpera are cute.

They should be added.

To much edge in wow, need more actual cute. Gnomes don’t count, because they just feel creepy more than cute.

(Wereberius) #11

Lol no. My guess is the next ones will be Junker Gnomes and Gilblins.


Why do people care.

It’s not like Warcraft is some big fancy adult only game. It’s always had whimsical elements to it.

Worgen are fine, Tauren are fine, Pandaren are fine, you’ll live with Vulpera it’s not a big deal.

(Starlagosa) #13

I’d love to play one, but I can’t see how they would be added since we met them so soon in this expansion. :crying_cat_face:


Wowhead does show leaked brewfest icons for all the allied races and they include ones for vulpera. So you know interpret it how you will. I’d expect new allied races for 8.2.5 either way.

(Seije) #15

4 races out of 21 (currently) is not that great of a selection. we have a lot of human-faced races in humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, gnomes, (female) trolls (because the males have a very different profile), undead, etc…

beast races add variety. Things like the Tauren, Pandaren, and Worgen are exciting to people because they aren’t just multi-colored humans with tentacles or tusks.

Bring on the Vulpera, bring on the Sethrak, and bring on anything that adds more choices beyond (short/medium/tall) (green/pink/blue) humans with (tusks/tentacles/glowy-eyes).

(Bipzi) #16

I’d say the Devs have thrown in enough false flags for dataminers before, that I personally wouldn’t trust the icon as proof of anything.


Fair, i do believe its either going to be gilgoblin or vulpera. We’re due for a short race.

(Bipzi) #18

We are in agreement. I personally would be happy for either one… just so long as they can be a Paladin. Horde is a bit Light on the Paladin races…

(Haven) #19

Please do add them and ignore the the furry inspired hate. :fox_face:


I hope they add Vulpera. But to balance it out, they need to add another cute furry race on alliance as well! :grin: