Please Ban GDKPs!

So ban the Auction House too

As I said you can literally log in right now and find bots farming the same locations they always have. I also mentioned the ingame mail ads that I’m still getting, and your only response to that was petulance and childishness. So, you know, par for the course as you yourself just said

Really, if it were true that only people with a history of gold buying receive these ads, then how would you know that? Trying to incriminate yourself?

I literally gave you the link to their plans for phase 2, which includes the announcement of the GDKP ban, where RMT is not even mentioned, let alone cited as one of the primary reasons

It’s fair to say that GDKP has some benefits to individuals who don’t want to be tied to a guild or set raid schedule. GDKP raids are, while mostly transactional in nature, another social activity in the game, and we’re hesitant to discourage anything that gets people into groups to play together. However, we’ve been concerned that GDKP erodes traditional guild and social structures that are in many cases the basis of our most fond memories of early versions of World of Warcraft. It’s also undeniable that GDKP contributes to and drives a lot of illicit activity, such as real-money trading (RMT) and botting, as it creates a demand for in-game gold that would not otherwise exist. GDKP can create an “arms race” effect that encourages participating players to purchase gold to be able to compete for the best items. -aggrend

the AH is not being banned because GDKPer and RMTs use if to cheat. lots of legitimate players have and continue to use it. Furthermore, blizzard has a record of transactions for AH meaning their security team can track RMT across this platform although difficult and time consuming. if you think using the AH makes you safe, you are wrong. this is one of the dumbest argument people use in regards to GDKP. DO NOT WASTE MY TIME with stupid arguments like this.

bc bots still exist in no way means GDKP ban didnt help or shouldnt stand. its another stupid aargument that barely warrants seconds to respond to.

Now answer the question.

should gdkps be brought back? yes or no?

Still plugging your ears and spouting the same nonsense. Well, at least I got an actual quote out of you…with no actual citation :person_shrugging:

Feel free to keep seething and malding then, I suppose

between you and horace, you talk about nothing. make no points. not address direct questions. you are both lying cheaters. probably gold sellers too. i dont need to seeth bc gdkps are not returning. no matter how much you cry about it

my quote is from the GDKP ban post.

SO AS I SAID BEFORE. i am right. you are wrong. PERIOD end of story.

Ah, thank you for the source and agreeing with me that addressing RMT was only secondary to their primary reason for banning GDKP. Now I’ll address your irrelevant question…

I don’t care one way or the other if GDKPs are unbanned. I think they’re a dumb loot system and have never, nor will ever, participate in one

The game is bad, but geddykeppies wouldn’t make it good.

GDKP isn’t coming back to Season of Discovery. Stay mad.


Why would they give you data when you are satiated with feelings.

Your cup is already full bro. You folks already vomited all over the forum. I think you need to sober up from your emotional hangover

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Gdkps banned and G2G stonks up!

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Dear diary,

It’s been weeks and swipers are still in shambles.

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Because SoD is bad and the PvP is terrible. GDKP was a player made solution to a handful of player made problems that now exist again and are hurting the pug scene. The other versions or WoW offer a better product at this point and the new car smell has worn off.

No they aren’t they’re still swiping in sod.


It’s funny that the only ones hurt by the GDKP ban are legit players and pugs


Like I play a rogue there’s around 5,000 gold worth of boe items that are best in slot this phas

Dude acting like just because gdkps are banned all of a sudden the people who used to buy Gold stopped buying it.

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It was always just head canon for people who either didn’t play Classic or didn’t ever run GDKPs. GDKP was literally no different than any other loot system it just fixed a bunch of issues with the majority of pugs.

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example of one more dumb gdkp argument. Everyone benefits when heavywoodm drinknblink, and their gdkp buddies buy gold and use it purchase gear carries…

so let me ask you this. you and the other GDKP clowns say everyone is helped by gdkp but then say gdkp is victimless in your very next post. do explain.

Go back to wotlk swiper.

Citation needed?