Please Ban GDKPs!

The economy is getting inflated, people apparently have thousands of gold to drop on Flurry Axe which should be an immediate red flag of the damage GDKPs are doing to the economy.

Please Blizzard, ban GDKPs so that gold doesn’t get out of hand from all the RMT!



But… You ain’t got no GDKP Lt. Dan? :man_shrugging:t2:


Hello, I was informed a gdkp ban would solve all these probems forever and usher in a golden era?? Why is pop at record low and econ worse than SoM which accidentally added a consume vendor three times and never rolled back?

Hello? Where have the economists gone? Hello?


no thank god they’re banned, now theres no botting, no one RMTs, no gold inflation, pugs are more accessible, and we have good loot systems like MS>OS (lose roll to player who does half my damage on the same class), hahaha ia lready see this guy typimg who replies to every gdkp thread LMFAO


Only one thing can cause inflation at a time :clown_face:


Dear Bully,

GDKPs are cheating because the GDKP community could not play GDKP without seeking out and purchasing illicit gold to run them. The illicit gold buying fueled large amounts of RMT and botting. GDKPs are therefore banned. Since the GDKP ban, botting has been greatly reduced. It has been very refreshing for non cheating players to play without botting and GDKP’ers openly cheating by buying gear via RMT swipes. If you want to play the game with your credit card go retail or WOTLK. GDKPs are not returning. Go back to your room. you are still grounded.


Bang is gone and glin is just a hold over from the old days doing his job. It’s in their nature to be contrary, if the screeching community was flopped they would be the gdkp shills.

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I’m asking for GDKPs to be banned because RMT is still running rampant!


Citation needed. Hell tubs mcgee and the interns 3 couldn’t even give us data, just a my fefes post which means blizz themselves dosen’t have data to back that up =[.

Gdkps will be coming back btw.

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Now bully,

We cant have people cheating because it ruins the game for others. We have seen how GDKP’ers cant play GDKP without cheating. Since the gdkp botting and RMT are way down. Just because you and the other kids like to cheat doesnt mean you get to ruin the game for everyone else. go back to your room Bully. GDKPs are banned and you will be banned if you participate in them.


Citation needed.

Listen Toteys,

You and the other kids couldnt play gdkp without cheating. It has ruined the game for everyone else. go back to your room. you arent allowed to cheat. you are all still grounded from playing GDKP.


I’m not going to let you defend GDKPs and swiping! Go somewhere else if you want to defend that sick practice.

You can’t tell me GDKPs aren’t ruining our economy! 2500g for Flurry Axe! Clearly RMT and GDKPs!

Jack, you’re clearly a bad player who has to rely on other players to carry you while you swipe your credit card for gold in the GDKPs you probably get a cut from the Chinese bots!!!


well im a supporter myself but i highly doubt it, banning them seems to have appeased the 50 iq crowd and the people who are pro gdkp still play the game a lot, plus they seem to be going for the most low effort solutions possible so the easiest thing to do is to just leave it banned


the part were botting and RMT are down 90% proves GDKPs were cancer. They wont be returning. Sorry you cant cheat anymore.


Bro you’re still clearly cheating and no one believes you!

You probably bought 2 Flurry Axes with your sick GDKP gold.

cope more swiper. seems like you are struggling to play without cheating. there are some gold farm vis out there. Try mining copper ore and selling linen to start out bro.

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Pop drop since gdkps has been roughly 76%. The worst drop since wod. Currently m$ is tearing blizz apart top to bottom. Within the next six months a bean counter is going to get a q2 revs sheet. Josh is then going to have the most uncomfortable conversation of his career. Mbas ruin everything but sometimes they help.

The chances of a future ban are even lower to boot, and we’ll see the token out right as a future response.

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No one is buying Flurry Axe without cheating in GDKPs. You need to stop coping dude.

sure, if you buy gold. if not, then gdkp’s are not more accessible than pugging, also there’s less pugs around when gdkp is a thing and you lose loot to players who buy more gold.