Please Ban GDKPs!

Botting is up, rmt individul sales are up. Record high prices are down but volume is currently the same even with the pop drop.

No friend, it’s not possible for you to be more wrong.

dont waste your time. Bull and bad totems are the same person trolling. report them and move on.


Cope all you want GDKPs need to be banned and never come back if we want gold to matter!

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I have never sock puppeteerd in 20 years. Eat my shoes.

Do you think its a bad thing that other players may not really want to do MS > OS but aren’t left with many other options should they not be able to commit to a scheduled group?

wow op good one

Quoting back anti andys to themselves four months later is a good one?

Yea, I agree. I’d be embrassed if someone else remembered too =].

pat yourself on the back


How does GDKP fix that if he has more gold than you?


i get gold out of it thats the purpose of the loot system :smiley:

But you still don’t get that item, so “I don’t get paid for my time regardless of my skill level” is what you should be saying.


I can then farm more gold, simply by playing the game.

GDKP would give them gold, which is getting paid for their time regardless of skill assuming content was downed.

i should get a reward of anything at all instead of nothing, you can’t agree with that?

Not sure what that is supposed to mean.

The complaint was he doesn’t get his item because someone “half his skill level” won a roll in MS>OS. The return was that he gets gold, which doesn’t solve the lost item issue, simply that he gets pretend gold to play a game, despite GDKP solving neither the unfairness of losing the item or the supposed skill issue.

So go farm gold.


Has absolutely nothing to do with your complain about not getting an item because of a different system due to skill.


I’m afraid that SoD will continue to be without GDKPs.

I’m pretty happy about that.


Incorrect, something was received and that something was pug dkp points

Apparently you’re just trolling again so, dismissed.

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Stop defending GDKPs, if we want the economy to be available to the average player and not you sweat lords GDKPs need to be banned!