Playing Ahead: Making Choices in WoW Classic

Playing Ahead: Making Choices in WoW Classic

Learn more details on what you can expect when we release the pre-expansion patch for Burning Crusade Classic and launch our Era realms.

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How long will the clone option be free**

I misread “FOR A FEE”


Where did it say it was free?

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THanks i’m a dummy :slight_smile:

Welcome friend!

I’m concerned that we still don’t know what the clone service is going to cost. This is starting to making me think it’s going to be outrageous.

Please make it reasonable. I have 5 level 60s and I’d like to clone all of them. But if the cost is absurd I won’t. It costs pennies, maybe even fractions of a penny for Blizzard to do it. Shouldn’t be more than $5, but I’m sure Blizzard is going to be greedy about it.


Yo blizzard. A lot of people planned their honor grind for this. There WILL be a flush/calculation during the extended maintenance, right…?


thank you for short prepatch, i dont know why anyone wanna play it for more than 2 weeks. Cant wait for june 1st :slight_smile:

$35 USD for cloning service is WAY to much, should be more like $10.


Dude, most blizz fees are 25$. I would expect it to be the same. I hope it will be lower, like 5$ but I’m not holding my breath.

Where did you see $35? More likely 25$ like server xfers and so forth.

Right. And that’s absurd. It’s what I’m expecting as well, but it’s absurd when you consider how much that costs Blizzard. It’s a lot to charge for pure profit.

IMO they should at least offer a bundle clone service where the price maxes out if you’re cloning more than 2 or 3 characters.


Wowhead, also 58 boost is $39.99 and Digital Deluxe Edition is $69.99.

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It’s $35, posted on wowhead.

I agree, if there is bulk clone option for cheaper I would be down.


That’s absurd. They want me to pay $140 to clone 4 of my characters? Blizzard you are absolutely out of your mind.

They need to give a bulk clone option for significantly cheaper than that.


why is the prepatch so late??? we need more time in the patch before the Xpac


$40 for a boost $35 for clone $70 for Collectors edition.
They’re treating this like a NEW release, or a Remaster. its neither so it kind of sucks seeing these price points.
Honestly should be $10 for a boost, $5 for clone and $30 for collectors, if blizz want to charge 20 for the extra NEW stuff sure go for it but the old stuff that’s not even new nor hard to do being so expensive will cause anger.


damn you guys really didnt give us much time to prepare. Must need that gain!

Something I’d like to see clarified:

What about characters I’ve created to reserve their names but have never logged in with them? Characters with literally zero progression as they’ve been played, never logged into the game world. Do these characters also get Cloned? I imagine most people aren’t going to want to pay $35 to unlock a name reservation, lol. So what happens with these? Should I delete all these name-reserved, not-logged-in characters before the prepatch and recreate them on both Burning Crusade and Classic Era realms after the prepatch?

Please clarify. Thank you!