Player stealthing whole fight

I have a query for the community.

What is you all’s opinion about stealth players turning invisible in a match after their teammate gets killed, and staying that way till the timer runs out?

I am asking because tonight while doing random arenas via the group finder, I had the same rogue do that three times. In all of them both my partner and myself spammed our AOEs, picked up the sight crystals and could only spot him twice and each time we get one maybe two hits in before they went into stealth mode again.

It’s beyond toxic, happens a lot with double rogues in 2s or they just wait to 80% damp and kill healer. Rogues are broken


There’s a reason I smile every time rogues get nerfed.


Had a 10 minute arena back in prepatch of bfa where a rogue did this. Once damp was insane he just opened and 1 shot. Rogues are going to take advantage of any trash gameplay they can. Blizzard is to blame, not the cellar dweller with nothing better to do than sit for 10 minutes for 11 rating.


I’ve played a lot of MMOs throughout the years and I actually can’t think of one besides wow that even has perma stealth :thinking::no_mouth::wink:


Would have been nice if it was just 10 minutes, the arena match timers are like 25 to 30


I actually don’t mind stealth but the purple crystals were installed for a reason that they obviously aren’t accomplishing anymore. They need to just pull everyone in the arena on the opposing team out of stealth, and put a debuff on the target that keeps them out of stealth for 20-30 seconds.


I did this a while ago while leveling my Rogue.

Tried Arena in the 30s, got set up against someone level syncing down (no, Warriors do not get Spear of Bastion baseline in the 30s).

They 1 shot my partner so I just ran out the timer against their cheating hides.

Play prick games win prick prizes.

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Hunters mark would fix this but nobody want to do arena with a hunter. They aint cool enough.

They just need to buff the eyes, I’m not sure what the answer is, but they are pretty weak currently, especially if it’s 1v1


BM/Healer is pretty good right now

Hunter is probably the best class at keeping rogues out of stealth, hunter’s mark and 9.1 nerfing that toxic conduit will make it easier for us to screw bad rogues out of a guaranteed restealth.

Just dash pets at the rogue with eye, or if it’s a bg/open world use sp-eyeglass and do it

As of right now it looks like the meta is going to be switching back to Sin so it won’t be as big of a deal, but its definitely frustrating right now

Too many stealth classes in game really needs to be reworked.

Ah yes the Rogue class; where you play the game by not playing the game.

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You can always use the shadow sight orb

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You got out-played even if he lost the game.

Use the in game tools to handle this problem.

Rogues are not the only class that’s got questionable designs, and the stealth mechanics have been causing broken keyboards since 2004, that’s nothing new and never going away. Dealing with rogues re-stealh is easier than ever and yet people still whine about it.

That’s literally their class design, and the the them of the class since 2004, its quite literally what they do.

They should also install a wheel chair ramp into Blades Edge… oh crap im too late on that one.

The real trouble with rogues right now is not the rogue class, ill give ya a clue its has nothing to do with the Class abilities, but something else, something that’s breaking the game for literally everyone.

Blizzard’s pruning of the game and addition of borrowed powers that create problems like this.

With the design and point of the class you either design the class to troll you do death or you design the class to delete the enemy in very short order. No matter the direction here there is no way to make people happy, rogues will always be rogues and continue to upset people no matter what. Even at one of our arguably most balanced stats in MoP, people still sent endless hate tells because the play style caused many many many destroyed keyboards.

Most of the whining comes form people who don’t really know how to make use of the orb. They just see that it helps with stealth detection but dont realize how strong it really is when used properly. Its true tho that the SC for stealth padding is kinda broke, but the class itself is only a wisp of what it was years ago due to purely trash design.

I mean I was memeing a bit with my response and I don’t disagree with you. Rogue’s class identity will always tilt people off of the planet because it revolves around turning your character off for extended periods of time.

That being said the current state of sub is weird and kind of needs a redesign. It can’t possibly be fun for the rogue who is constantly running for pillars and I promise you it’s not fun for people to play against. What you end up with is a spec that lives and dies by the tuning nob, either that are like they were at the beginning of the season where they were just ending people with little to no effort (and like they were with the rotten / dagger / one dance builds) or they feel like they can’t kill things in their go’s and so they just run the entire game.

I think assassination currently is designed so much better. The rogue is actively engaged in the game way more often because they have pressure and don’t feel the need to ALWAYS be running.

I think sub in theory has one of the cooler class fantasies in the game but in practice it just doesn’t work well because the way you play the spec properly is to not play the game.

IMO Rogue need to go back to Wrath in terms of how it plays and the tools it has. The only thing I could change is that Step is baseline instead of a talent and Bomb is also added (wrath did not have bomb)

All the other borrowed power crap needs to die, even the combo points and energy system needs to be reverted. Sure there will be a MASS of rogues who quit the class because they simply would not be able to effectively play it any more, but there would be a lot of us who can play it very effectively, and the class would be far more balanced again, IMO more balanced than any other present retail class because of the limitations included with the old school resource system. Oh almost forgot one thing, also baseline re-direct (another cata ability) give it a base 20 sec CD that way swapping is not Vanilla clunky but at the same time not as easy as now, where you actually have to make choices on use of CP and energy.

Way too much Zugzug in my class now days, it disgusts me.


Would not say it was out played. The rogue in particular only did an average of 5k dmg in the arena matches. And then spent the rest of the time running around / hiding in stealth in an 80 yard by 80 yard arena that has LOS obstacles in it.