Playable Vrykul

This is the one race that I would gladly pay 50 dollars towards to race change to.
Even though my stance on that is bad.

Seriously though, how did we end up with fat ogre looking Humans when we had this race that already had good lore behind them?


Who knows. My only wish in the Allied Race customization pass is to either give the Kul Tirans more Vrykul or Drust customization options if they aren’t going to give us full-fledged Vrykul

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Blizz’ entire purpose in BFA was to play corrupt a wish with alliance AR requests. That’s how.



Typical Blizzard thinking the thing no one asked for is what we wanted… That’s how

Vrykul would be cool.

Thinking of cool races… It’ll probably never happen but I’ve wanted Arrakoa for years. They just look neat.

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I would sacrifice the entire gnome population for Ethereals


Copypasta slightly bulkier humans “New Allied Race”

Ah yes, the only race in WoW that makes goblins look generous

Such beauty

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Ion’s hobby - trolling the alliance.

Kul Tirans were a huge story point in BfA so it’s only natural they’d be playable as an alternate human body type. Which has been requested before too.

Unlike vrykul who didn’t really show up in BfA at all, the Drust shenanigans don’t count. Plus all vrykul societies have shown no favoritism or real care for either faction.

I know what some will say that Blizz could add in a story for it at any point, but they chose not to showing there’s no plans to make vrykul playable. Players request all kinds of races, Blizz always says no to most of it.


High Dwarves were promised in one set of patch notes and we never got them, I’m still mad about that.

Kul’Tirans should have had Vrykul proportions.

Instead of the insult we got from Blizzard.

Cause Ion doesnt wanna give the alliance anything good.

I made this suggestion 8 or so years ago (keep in mind before any of the modern lore existed)… except that they’d have been Horde since their “glory in death” schtick was more akin to Orc culture, and that a good chunk of Vrykul had been following the Lich King due to his control of the dark Val’kyr. Once Sylvanas got control of the Valkyr, she’d be able to recruit a band of Vrykul who now needed a new glorious battle in the wake of LK’s death.

Instead they had her stand around for 6 years and then do dumb stuff.

Now I honestly don’t know a good excuse for Vrykul to join either side.

no thank you please

They were featured in the bfa launch trailer so idk why they never happened

I hope (although I doubt it) the next races to be added will be Vry’kul for the Alliance and proper Ogre’s for the horde.

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Kul Tirans should have been Drust.

The Drust could have been as tall as Zandalari, a step between Vrykul and Humans so that they were short enough, but looked and moved like Vrykul.

THAT would have been swank. And a much better storyline.

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