Playable Vrykul

I would have given the Kul’tirans (Drust) darker skin tones had I been in charge of the design.

Body type should, if anything, be an option for humans, like posture for orcs.

They would have to be shrunk, tall races have doorway problems and they don’t wanna have the tauren problem.

Give kul tirans more drust/vrykul options

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This makes the most sense to me.

Aren’t the Kul Tirans like half-drust? And the drust are (were?) a lost Vykrul tribe? That’s why you have humans that are taller than a freaking Draenei.

Not sure why they’re so fat, tho. Too much pie, probably.

Because Blizzard hates you, me, everyone here.

To be fair, lore reasons for allied races seem to not matter much to the devs… I mean, void elves? Seriously? :slight_smile:

And the highmountain and nightborne siding with the horde to slaughter people that just helped them? And vice versa with the lightforged? It’s all so silly I feel like almost anything goes at this point. :upside_down_face:

Nope, that was an assumption purely on the player bases part, and the reasons we were given for their different appearance so far is that they are sailors and monster hunters . . . Which are kinda weak reasons.

Also i’ve been advocating for alliance vrykul and horde ogres for a while now, they are the perfect counter balances to each other being the ancestors of (and giant versions of by some folks description) the two factions main race (humans and orcs respectively)

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So they’re like 8 foot tall because they fight… monsters? We all fight monsters. Like all the time.

Technically, as an undead abomination, I am a monster.

I would sacrifice the entire gnome population for fun.


Blizzard doesn’t allow fun though :slightly_frowning_face:

Never said it was a good reason . . . quite the opposite in fact.

Vykrul was my most wanted race, and for them to be druids.

I’m happy with KT overall though. Drust lore + zone was the best.

I love my KT, I just wanna know what I am. I’m just a human who happens to be the size of hulk?