Playable Murlocs, when?

Look at the facts. We are, and have gotten all manner a variety of playable races. Different versions of humans, Draenei, Night Elves, Blood Elves? Not to mention outright new species, Pandaren, Goblins, Vulpira, even unheard of classes, Tauren Rogues, and so called inexplicable ones, like Gnome warriors. The list grows year by year, many additions, some considered laughable, others essential.

But where, is the sorely lacking Murlocs? Think about it! Murlocs, are the mascot of wow, in advertising, as icons, uses galore for them, yet they lack a playable representation in game. How is this possible? Because of longstanding hatred of Murlocs for actions of the past. Often subjected to serving as trash mobs and hindrances, the collective memory of these misunderstood people is nearly universally negative.

And so, I say this. Why should we account for error, when it was beyond most of their control? Like all budding societies, there are dark ages and elightenment periods. And as time has marched on, the past is the foundation where the sins of the fathers can be purged and a new future can be forged. Every race has dark sides and shining moments. Orcs, Humans, the Night Elves, even the Goblins, seen as reviled, greedy and incompetent, are the very backbone of essential functions of the Horde.

Isn’t it time we take a stand for justice, and for an honest chance, for a downtrodden, and valuable people? Do the research! Murlocs have been known to be civil, constructing complex class and work based societies, including fishing, agriculture, manufacturing, even successful relations and associations with civilized and well respected groups. Everyone needs a fair shake, and a chance to make up for the past, why are the Murloc people excluded from this?

And so, community of Warcraft, the playerbase, the forums, I make a heartfelt plea. Give us playable Murlocs. Let them be free, let them have fulfillment and acceptance, allow them, and us, to experience a connection and to truely be part of the world, a world to build a better tomorrow.

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