Clearly there's only one way to save WoW

Playable Gnolls, even if it’s an allied race. Those new models look so good, and let’s be honest Blizz - you’re been mean to the yeens for ages, leaving them with those WCIII-looking models for nearly 20 years. You even opened the door back in Cata witht he Alliance trying to use Hogger to get the Eastern Kingdom gnolls to chill out and play nice.

Seriously though, gnolls or we riot


My vote is no more timegated + random gearing. Pick ONE. (Or even better, zero)

Timegated gearing but you know what the exact reward is at the end? Fine.

Random gearing but you can roll as often as you like? Good deal.

Waiting a week to get something that’s not an upgrade? :-1:


I mean that’s good too, but YEENS

Oh! Yeens like hyeenas?

I thought the only one way to save wow is to start developing it as a game that players will want to play because it’s so much fun they won’t mind some grind here and there.


That too, but yeens as well.

Count me in! I would love to play a Gnoll Shaman or Lock and it would be fitting for that race.


Some ideas

Gnomes and goblins been toying with teleport for a long time. Surely they’ll get teleport pads working . Make taxi service (flight master) obsolete, or optional. Also, they need to bring back flightmaster whistle. This was one of the best feature…

Anyone can learn other class. Visit the class trainer. However, level starts from beginning. With optional “quest timewalking” for starting over so that they can get full xp. Maybe add 50-100% permanent bonus xp. Player can swap back to main class anytime.

I personally want Centaur lol.

With how we transmog mechagnomes and certain slots not being avaliable, I think it would be possible.

It’s also an excuse to bring back Plainsrunning, and could be a cool nod back to the in-game history of the Tauren.

They wouldn’t be able to use many mounts, probably only being able to use the disc-like ones lol. But Tauren had a similar situation back in the day, and could only ride certain mounts.

That and murlocs! :o Playable Murlocs, when? Your points coincide with mine. Lets hope you get better traction then I did.

Oooo bad ideas only?

Account wide gear for weapons and trinkets

Trying a New plate class? mail on over your mains items and off you go!

They’re better than the halfarsed lazy Dracthyr things they’re giving us, that’s for certain.

Playable Mok’nathal and playable bears, (pandas don’t count). Call them, “The Bjorn.”

I would love a Gnoll Shaman

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Yeah, the Shamans always looked a little better IMO!