Platforming dungeons are ableist

There is a large community of disabled people playing wow, I am one of them, I have nerve and muscle issues that cause spasms, the “mini-spasms” ot “tics” are very frequent with bigger spasms happening less often, I say that so you understand why, when doing torghast, getting a dungeon with chains you have to run on that if you move just a tiny bit wrong, you fall off and die, is a pretty big issue, 4 deaths on one floor, simply due to an uncontrollable spasm and you can imagine my frustration, I’m playing an MMO, not a platforming game. It’s hard enough doing normal dungeon mechanics, adding in this bogus, you must run on this tiny space or else you die, is very not ok. Understand, a huge number of people with spinal issues like mine, suffer from the same muscle spasm issues. there is no real reason to have this, it can look cool, w/o having a tiny ledge to run on or you die feature. Especially in a dungeon where you have a limited # of deaths available.


Blizzard has a group setup specifically for feedback such as this. I would highly encourage you to reach out to them to provide your feedback and experiences too:


I’ve always had trouble with those things. I find it easier if I put my character on RP walk.


Oddly, I too find it easier to cross very narrow areas with either RP walk turned on, or if not that, then as fast as I can - mounted, speed boosts, the like.

The slow speed doesn’t produce the anxiety for me that might translate into a dumb move. The fast speed keeps me ahead of it. The regular walk speed, though, I dunno. I tend to mess up more due to trying to micro-manage my movement.

It’s like, “Don’t look down!” and then the first thing I do is look down, and fall. Better to crawl and/or rocketship across lol.

@OP I hope the slow walk speed helps. If not, you might try varying the resolution (DPI / “sensitivity”) of your mouse, if it has such a thing. Some mice have a variable DPI with switches on top for you to change the setting instantly with one press.

This would allow you to find the perfect sensitivity / turn speed to allow you to navigate tight areas, and then toggle between the modes with a single button. (Personally, I have mine set at 2400dpi for “normal” stuff, and 800dpi for tight movement or better aiming accuracy.)


Even as a normal person with better than average reflexes, I find it MUCH easier to jump on things by hitting the “walk” toggle first. At the default running speed it’s way too easy to overshoot, and it’s way too difficult to make precise jumps (it’s even worse on a mount or in a travel form that has a speed bonus). I just have walk bound to my numeric keypad /.

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Please do not ever link this useless fake garbage ever again, this link is obviously just a useless pretending to care facade, over 1 month, 0 response, they are either understaffed or just don’t care, either way, useless. re:
Accessibility at Blizzard Entertainment

Information on how to contact Blizzard Entertainment for any accessibility concerns with our games, support or products.

Despite whether or not they got back to you, that is indeed the official way to contact their accessibility team. It’s neither fake, nor garbage.

Did you check to make sure a reply wasn’t sent to your spam folder in your e-mail? I’m not certain if that e-mail address is one where you’re guaranteed a response or not.

It might also depend on the content of the email you sent them. Like whether or not you asked them something that they can actually answer or not.

As I don’t work for Blizzard, I can only answer based on the information that I’ve seen in the past.


Did you see the huge set of disclaimers at the bottom of the page, Valdaya?

That is to report/make suggestions, not for a response.


That’s one hell of a jump you made, there.

I didn’t know we, as end users, had access to everything everyone on the accessibility team does all day. Their daily schedules, the programs they are working on, what they’ve accomplished recently, etc., etc.

Where do we log in to check that stuff out? Link?

I mean, clearly you’d need something like that to make such a huge, sweeping statement about the accessibility team. I’d at least want to see what they’ve been up to for a calendar year before I throw the whole team under the bus.

You can’t possibly be basing your statement off of your single interaction (or, indeed, lack thereof.) You can’t base anything in life off a single interaction. You’ve literally collected no data at all.

You submitted a suggestion, but you’ve had zero interaction with them, so they must all be fake and useless? Wow…

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As the support article said, they don’t usually directly reply.

That team collects feedback, analyzes it, and works with the various development teams for all the games. This does result in games that have more accessibility features and improvements. For example, there was a patch recently to address visual and motion sickness issues in WoW.

That is an example of the process working. However, not everything every player wants is going to end up addressed - or addressed in the timeline they would like.

Sometimes the answer ends up being that the Devs understand the problem, but because a person has alternatives, they don’t feel they need to change a feature. There are a bunch of puzzle type quests in the past three expansions that I can’t do for various reasons. I know others have reported them but the Devs felt that because there were other Daily or World quests I could do a different one - which is what I ended up doing.

I am terrible at the jumping stuff too - I usually use my movement skills like the grapple hook rogue thing of the venthyr covenant movement skill. Pretty fantastic for getting around areas that are hard to walk - or the darn jumping puzzle chests/treasures.


I too have periodic tremors in my mouse hand.
However, between being able to line up and then turn on clock-to-move, or use arrow keys, or just hit the walk key, I’m able to complete all chain running in the game.
I sometimes fall of, but so to other players with fully functional hands.


I’ve fallen off once or twice, people learn and adjust to it. A simple thing to do would be to aim strait and then auto walk down it. If need be a person can slow their character to a walking speed as well.

Yep, even as a normal person with much better than average reflexes and no health issues whatsoever, I fall off of things all the time. This game is just not designed for platforming. But as I said, putting your character on RP walk helps a lot.

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