Plaguefall is terrible

I haven’t done a PF key yet but I’ve heared horror stories about that dot.

Glad to see it’s not as impossible as I was being told.

where can i find the notes

They are in Wowhead

thank you !

The bosses aren’t the problem imo its the trash. Such a drag to get through.

find the actual patch notes at:

Man, ad hominem attacks never were cool. Plaguefall really has A LOT of safety dance. As a caster this is really disturbing, you can’t cast anything without screen going green because someone puked under your feet. But same time it made really thematic. And yes, OP need some practice. Several first times this dungeon just kicked my butt. Now it is ok, not the favourite one, but not instant leave when I get it in random queue.

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The final boss is fine with me. I can radiance heal through her dots. The hardest part for me is the boss before her. Where if the dps doesn’t do the right thing it gets a little too difficult to manage. It heavily relies on everyone doing their part correctly

smh no nerf on that dot tho

It was a tyrannical week.

Upcoming week, boss deals 15% less damage (the dot) and has 40% less health (the fight will be quicker.)

You’ll be fine boo. :heart:

This is why you get so many “game is too hard” threads during Tyrannical weeks. Bad players play badly when bosses don’t just fall over and then blame the game.

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i agree…its the worst dg so far.
If anything i hate the first boss since it forces specific comps for doing mechanics properly, and the third one also can be annoying depending on your composition.
The final boss is annoying but i take as a matter of adaptation, the last boss is fine for me.

personally, i can join that guy to an extent, plaguefall is by far the most annoying dungeon.
Its the only one so far that punishes composition with the first and third boss, the mushroom adds will probably be a nightmare on high keys.
The first boss can be a nighmare because of composition and can be very punishing on positioning.
The third boss can be very annoying if you dont have easily spammable aoe for the webs like whirlwind.
The second boss is not hard, but groups that are not very smart wont pay attention to the purple blob that reduces the dmg everything else takes by 75%.
The final boss is fine for me, but its very distractfull with the zombies and the tentacles running at the same time.
I think i got a good rating for talking about this subject personally, since i did on 3 different mains 2 times on each on the first 2 weeks, and a few times as m+.
The guy point is that this dungeon is unnecessarily worse than the others, is not a matter of not knowing how to deal with this dg, i know each and every mechanic and how to deal with it without a problem, i lead 100% of the groups i make for every single shadowlands dungeon so far.
But i still believe that this dungeon is dumb and should be nerfed a bit.

Plaguefall is actually one of my favorites, its a pretty easy dungeon. I don’t really understand all the hate for it. Sanguine Depths on the other hand… that’s the worst Shadowlands dungeon.

i guess you need to be specific on why u think plaguefall is fine.
For me personally, sanguine second boss is very trollish since one person messing it up can wipe the group very easily.
But besides that, the first boss is generic and easy, the third one you just get orbs and dodge rain, and final boss just get away if marked, dodge beams and stack for naaru.

Idk, I 2 chested a +10 the other day and we only had maybe 1 or 2 deaths. I’ve timed it on a +10 a couple other times and it’s just pretty smooth. Idk where the pain points would be really, theres like 1 trash pack that if you don’t pull correctly between the first and second bosses that if you don’t do right can screw you over I guess, but just do it right I guess?

As for SD, the second boss on tyrannical is super overtuned. He hits the whole group like a truck constantly, with castigate ticking for like 7k on a +11 and the add destroying everyone if it’s not killed in a couple seconds. Plus storming is a nightmare in those tight hallways. The trash packs after the third boss are super rough on fortified too.

I hate MoTS the most, it’s an easy dungeon but it’s hands down the most annoying

I mean, that’s your opinion. Not a fact. I’d argue that because Blink and Night Fae shapeshift are broken for the last half of Necrotic Wake, that is far more annoying.

Not trying to sound like an a-hole but everyone except the top 15 people of your entire server have a lower io score than me and I’m barely above an average M+ player. I hardly consider myself qualified to talk about M+ balancing, and I definitely don’t think you can when it’s more than likely you haven’t even touched Prideful.

I refuse to do the last boss outside of N/H.
Abilities that 1-shot are an incredibly obnoxious design.

She’s the one that made our entire group ragequit after we wiped 5 times.
Personally, I couldn’t move fast enough half the time. I felt like I didn’t have enough speed CDs even with Door of Shadows.

look… i have 3 mains to take care off, and the loot is nerfed, only this week on this toon i did one +6, two +5 and one +4, i got 0 LOOT…
considering i have other chores to do, do u think i wanna waste my time pushing for +10 only to get no loot again?
average m+ player? look, i hardly believe people in general is doing +10 like just a regular +0 spam.
the regular player base will be doing +10 when pugs will be clearing castle nathria
like is the most easy thing ever.
And last time i checked on last season, this happened when most people got full hc gear or more.

very well then… then go do that first boss without a single spec that can either froze, immobilize or slow the big blob the boss summons that you need to kill before it gets into the boss.
After you kill this boss with the worst composition ever for that mechanic, then i wanna see you come here and tell me it was totally fine.
ps: it needs to be +8 or higher key

The last boss is overtuned af. We couldn’t finish it in 13 tyrannical. It’s not even about mechanics. It’s just that awful poison dot that stacks like 4 times and at least 2 times before the 33% health dps check. You can’t do anything about it other than hoping your healer can handle it.
In blizzard defense I can say we were a bit undergeared for it. But we already did 14 HoA (depleted :frowning: ) with no wipes on bosses. Plaguefall bosses were ok but the last one is insane.