Pet Families

So blizzard just announce we still be stucked on pet families, i’ll never get rid of this wasp… a hunter who can’t make the choice for his own pets.

Wasp, Scorpid… wow how much richness in the diversity of choices I have… in a decade.


Shame really, I really need some ferocity hounds…


I hate this so much, I just want to use my Bear that I’ve had since I started the game 15 years ago.
Bears/Direhorns can be tenacious AND ferocious. Cats/Wolves can be ferocious AND cunning. Mechanicals/Basilisks can be culling AND tenacious.
Its an innocuous change allowing pets to respec into other trees yet they are being pig-headed about this for some unknown reason.
Hunter’s want to use pets they like, I don’t want to be forced to use exclusively Clefthooves/Spirit Beasts all the time.
Let my Bear be Ferocious with Thick Fur defensive. Let him be Tenacious with a Mortal Wounds bite. Let my bear be :cry:


Im maghar, i can’t have a wolf or a proper beast…


This, honestly, a travesty.
There is no logic to this, no reason to force people into certain pets over letting them customize it.


In PvP this problem is 2 times worse, because i need both mortal wounds AND ferocity.


Do you have a link for this?

If I remember correctly we use to be able to chose the spec for our pet, why did they get rid of that?


the last time i saw some devs opinion about this, they were worried about pets being “random” with “invisible” powers, their concern is a lion using a turtle’s resistance or something.

yes, they are worried about non-hunters opinion about pets.

“omg, this lion has 5% more hp… we must fix this, only turtles are suposed to be like that!!11”


You know how you used to be able to transmog Hati into another pet skin in Legion? Can we have that orb back and make it work on all pets?

for survival/mm there are 15 ferocity pet families for you to choose from (4 more for BM) like what are you talking about?

mini-crows, scorpid, insect aliens and wasps are the only ferocity pets with mortal wounds.
This is not even close to what we could call a variety of options


is this a very specific pvp gripe?

Mortal wounds is standard for pvp. Some hunters play with cunning, i’ rather play with ferocity.


But like thats specifically for pvp where its gets that specific in literally all other content you can choose between any ferocity pets

pvp is 100% my reason to play this game.

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Yeah and in pvp you don’t get a lot of options its been like that for a while even when pet specs weren’t static

Also to be quite truthfully honest pet specs aren’t even your real issue cause you prefer ferocity, you just want more pets with mortal strike

“This is the way we’ve always done it” isn’t a valid argument.

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My personal problem is the combination of mortal strike and ferocity.
More hunters has similar problems but not with this combination.
This system is not good, the “fantasy” of a turtle tanking more than a lion is nothing compared to system problems.