Pet Families

Its not really a personal problem for pvp tho, pvp hunters only run mortal strike pets, usually that are cunning, they have restricted options and have had restrictions for quite a few expansions even before legion.

For pve it was worse, by legion you either had a brez pet or a lust pet, for none bm hunter this was literally one family each.

Also it should be noted that unlike when pet specs where changeable dps, isn’t impacted, nor is armor.

Numerically those who are pve focused got a lot more options, while those who are pve focused stayed about the same

Tbh the only thing i’d wish they’d move is the leech to a hunter talent. The leech healing is really strong for sv and mm to the point where it does more passively than exhilaration, i feel if it wasn’t for that, the 3 specializations would feel more balanced. For me, in the content i run specifically, not having the leech is a noticeable difference and hunters as a whole don’t have a lot of defensives to work with.

A pretty simple solution to this would be:

  • Hunter’s Mark talent in the class tree that applies MS
  • Class tree talent called something like Hunting Horn that does lust. It could play a little V-I V-I motif
  • Make Master’s Call a class talent that doesn’t require an active pet
  • Ferocity family gets leech and ability buff (either to pet skills or Hunter skills); Cunning gets movespeed and RoS; Tenacity gets HP buff and something - maybe a strong taunt or temp HP increase kinda thing.

I would like to see pets get abilities that are actually interesting again. Like roots, silences, disarms for Cunning, Damage reduction and tank stuff for Tenacity, and things like bleeds and poisons for Ferocity. All this should be species specific. Of COURSE there’s always going to be the “best” pet for DPS or whatever, but having a reason to use different pets for different encounters in PvE or comps in PvP would be, IMHO, much more interesting and fun.

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Theres many good suggestions, in my opinion if you could choose your pet “aspect” between ferocity[RED BUFF ICON ON PET] , cunning [YELLOW BUFF ICON ON PET], tenacity [GREEN BUFF ICON] it would solve almost every problem… same balance, every single alive hunter could pick any pet they want… damn it, whats so hard?


Not really no, some mobs are also easier to take down with mortal wounds… (PVE side devourers, Torghast mobs with self heals, etc)

And that’s when what little faith I had in their competence died…

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I’d like to use w.e pet I feel like using for the day and choose it’s specialization. Especially now with dragonflight having Talent trees.

If I change my Transmog, I’d like to use a matching pet for it. If I want to match my pet to my mount on a Wednesday, so be it. If I want to show off my rare pet that took a while to aquire in pvp, so be it.

All in w.e content I desire whether it’s pve or pvp idrc. Questing, grinding mobs, raiding, arenas or BG’s I’d simply want to use w.e and not be held back with arbitrary guidelines/philosophies.

It is a bad feeling that I can only choose what they want me to choose for a specific content.

It is a bad feeling that there is so much potential customization lost in a game where collecting Transmogs, barbershops and literal hundreds of different pets where you can store them in a stable exists. How is this not obvious to the devs?

The niche/fantasy of having specific pet family abilities is out of date, maybe even out of touch.

Instead we’re talking about mortal strike, exactly like they want us to so that we forget about the real issue.


No, I don’t think that’s the case. It’s that they can’t see the forest for the trees. But also, I don’t think pets should be infinitely customizable. I personally like the old way of building a bond between you and your pet, and when the pet-as-an-option change came to MM, I was bummed. Right now, though, you’re kinda pigeon-holed into either not having a pet at all, having a VERY specific pet (for PvP), or having a specific family (PvE). I wish there were more options and real choices. I think my suggestions above fulfill that.

Why not? why a turtle can instantly dash to an enemy (kill command) and a lion cannot defend like a turtle? that kind of restriction is a lot worse than the burden of not have a pet choice as you like.


Because they would be merely cosmetic and disposable. I don’t want to train a handbag.

I don’t get your point, you are implying that you are training your pet thats why they are "different?

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No, I’m saying that I like the aspect of forming a bond with a pet through the old-school training and feeding, and also how they grow to like you. That’s probably not feasible today, BUT I don’t like the idea of just farming skins to apply to whatever archetype I need for a given encounter. I think it’s not out of the realm of possibility to make pet species more broadly applicable and still have traits or abilities that are part of their identity. Making them just a skin is too far in the other direction, in my opinion.

oh i got it, i’m ok with it if we could choose abilities. For example, i want a ferocity/mortal wound wolf.

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What exactly is being discussed here? Was there a Blizzard post about pet families?

Well that reasoning is “interesting”. I know it is such a minor thing and probably nowhere on Blizz’s radar but I did liked being able to select your pet spec as opposed to what we have now.


Yes, this. If we can’t customize abilities, I’d like to at least choose ferocity, cunning, or tenacity for my pet.


I think that’s a different request tho.

To answer you, why can’t you choose the pet that which you really want the most, go for it then become friends with it by feeding it petting it, etc. All while being able to use it wherever you wanted? Pvp, pve, questing fishing, dark moon Faire, dude whatever yu wanted? You don’t have to collect “skins” you’re out taming and bonding with wildlife you deem worthy.

To add to your point, why can’t they add a pet taming system where you can opt into it, not mandatory but like pet battles where it’s a side jawn where you can tame rarer animals, breed them, unlock different colors, train them to be mounts, a 10 min instant mount summon where it runs to you and you jump on it with full momentum. All this as a talent tree/World content at the hunter treelodge in the mountains? I think that would crazy good and an awesome request lol

This topic makes me heated.

The current system makes pets feel less like a bonded companion and more like some random tool I use for a situation. My bear (my first pet I tamed in WoW 15 years ago) isn’t being used because he’s useless in every instance compared to other pets that do his job better. I want to use my Favorite pet in EVERY piece of content, he is a big part of my characters identity and playing without him is less fun. Thankfully Animal Companion lets me have him all the time as BM but that is only then.

Pets should have updated talent trees like the classes in DF do, albeit a lot smaller. Limiting their capabilities to families/abilities, people are forced into not playing what they want for the sake of some arbitrary sense of normalcy developers tell us we want.

Let every pet do whatever they want. Let a turtle inflict mortal wounds. Let a bird go into a defensive stance or dodging. “It doesn’t make sense for a Clefthooves to be running at mach 12 towards someone if theyre cunning”, it also doesn’t make since they basically teleport around with KC or Flanking Strike for Surv pets and no one bats an eye at that.

What doesn’t make sense? A bird cant be dodging around the place and agile. A bear not being able to inflict mortal wounds to a person (a bear will mess your s*** up). A giant Aqiri bug with a hard carapace can’t be a defensive tank.

It WILL work, it doesn’t take 500 design iterations to think this. There would only be a few edge-case scenarios where it would be a little weird like waterstriders being ferocious/tenacious but I reiterate my point:


I see what you mean. Limiting the optional functions of a pet prevents you from using your pet of choice outside of niche scenarios (if even then.) There are definitely a couple of pets I would prefer to use most of the time, but I also don’t mind the idea of requesting the services of another pet if the situation calls for it, rather than just respeccing. I think maybe fleshing out species abilities (like the used to be) would scratch that itch for me.

I will reiterate that unlinking MS, Master’s Call, and Lust from species and families would be a super-easy way of opening up pet options.

Exactly, this is a good perspective.

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I still feel like there should be some diversity, just not in the current form. With us being able to hold 5 pets in out Call Pet, we can design a toolkit suited for what we need by specing our favorite pets/transmog matchers to our needs. PvPers can have their favorite looks while keeping their utility and Solo PvEer can use something beside Scalehides/Clefthooves.
They can still be tools to be match to a situation while making players happy. Some people want a pink glittery hammer, some people want a blue hammer with red flames (a la Hot Wheels lol).

I do agree with this, I still feel like this should include the hp, leech, and speed buffs though since they are still pretty powerful in at least PvE. Can’t speak much for PvP but I’m sure it’s similar over there.

My biggest mental roadblock is just who would a change like this hurt? You want it to make sense? Go ahead and only make your pets like that, limit yourself. Don’t limit me because of how you feel (not directed at anyone here, just talking to a strawman lol).

I just wanna use my bear :cry: #JusticeforBear

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i agree, the problem is where this diversity came from.
diversity should come from a talent tree, not from appearance.