Perma ban for gold buyers please

i’m tired of people buying gold, it’s pay to win and completely against ToS, ruins the economy and supports gold farming bots.

Blizzard please just give everyone a permanent ban for purchasing gold.


I support this 1,000,000 %!!!


Doubt it will ever happen. Gold sellers/buyers go back almost as far as the game itself. Only thing I can see is to cap how much gold a toon can have and that cap is the most expensive thing in the game from an NPC vendor (probably a fast riding mount + skill < 700g).

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It’d be nice I guess, but a clever person is going to know how to get around how Blizzard checks for that. The issue is demand. Remove the demand, and no one would buy gold.

want people to stop buying gold? fix the node spawn in the world …


This pls. Make gathering worthwhile and be profitable to sell on the AH and I guarantee you will see ppl stop buying gold and actually play.

Tired of being sniped on the AH by shortseller bots and having nodes stolen from me by bots hiding under the FLOOR in Outlands. And with them perma camping the top 3 herbs (Mana thistles, Nightmare vines, Terrocone) it makes herbalism and alchemy a waste of time and gold. :\

edit: If blizz came out rn and gave out harsh punishments to gold buyers and delivered ppl jagex tier J-Mod smackdowns on appeals (Trade/AH/Mail logs showing the RMT) then people would stop buying as well. 3 to 5 day temp bans is a vacation to some. 14 days for 2nd infraction is meh. A 3 day warning is understandable as in a if you see it as a warning like: “If I see you doing this again, you’re getting the belt.”

If Blizz wants top stop RMT 100% They gotta start serving out harsh punishments. 1 month ban, 3 months, 6 months then permanent closure.


Only reason hate GDKPs is if someone bought gold from bots then good luck, and thus another thing ruining the gold economy, on the bright side at least you’ll get gold. Other than that don’t mind GDKPs, just hate being in that situation.


oh, i have no problem with GDKPs either. If someone chooses to spend their time playing earning gold and using that gold to buy gear rather than finding a guild and raiding, that is a valid use of game time and is not pay to win.

It’s just obnoxious to see overloads of rogues offering 200k+ for a set of glaives when it’s quite obvious that they bought that gold. (which essentially is the definition of pay to win since being a rogue with warglaives is basically a free gladiator title)


Agreed GDKP principal of you buying what you’ve earned after hard work is fine, but corrupted when gold buying and botting is added.

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Wow I didnt realize you could roll a disgusting rat character on retail


They won’t. Gold buyers get a light slap on the wrist of 3 day suspensions, where other strikes such as AFKs, etc, get much longer.

They want to keep those gold buyers so they can buy more boosts/accounts/shop items.

2 people from my guild were banned this past week for 14 days. I was like, “damn! 14 days!? That’s it?! 14 days for the chance of getting away with 100k gold is totally worth the risk. What is Blizzard thinking?”

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We just need the WoW Token in classic, problem solved.

You’re welcome.


this would be AWFUL… when blizzard monetizes the currency itself, then it begins to change the game in a manner that promotes the purchase of gold (IE: retail legendaries). Once blizzard begins profiting from the sale of gold, then the game is developed in a way where buying gold is almost a must…


This WOULD NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF PAY TO WIN GDKPS… if people could legitimately buy gold, then EVERYONE would buy gold and just get BiS gear from GDKPS…

An example of this is Mythic + on retail: I genuinely dread putting together M+ groups and working for my Keystone Master mount every patch because people link their high IO’s and M+ scores that they got from buying runs. They come into my group having no idea what to do mechanic-wise even though their IO shows they completed the current dungeon on a +20 (this ruins my run, the key depletes and i have to try again one key level lower)…

Look at this from a TBC perspective: Someone goes into a SSC/TK GDKP, buys full t5 and gets attuned to t6. then they take that gear and get invited to a t6 progression guild and just completely ruin the raiding experience for the other 24 people who actually know how to play the game. (because they are new to that toon and definitely do not play it at a level required for progression in t6, which is what they would have learned if they had just played through t5 instead of buying the gear and attunements)

Buying gold is just bad for the game, regardless of whether people buy from blizzard or farming bots. (My opinion is that purchasing from blizzard is even worse for the reasons stated above.)

Yeah, exactly. people can even just buy gold on their alt accounts and eat the ban on their alts. If blizzard perma-banned all accounts for buying gold, then much less people would take the risk (even for their alt accounts).


Nice paragraphs.

Baited lolololool


dude, they sell a wow token on retail and swapping isn’t against the rules.

wasn’t baited, you gave me the opportunity to explain why wow tokens will never solve the problem that gold buying creates. So thanks for bringing up the topic and allowing me to logically refute it.

good to know you’re 10 years old, though. So I won’t bother replying to you again :slight_smile:


200? try 400k

no one lets a person in a guild based on gear lol, ppl check logs. this isnt vanilla

you just like typing too much and wanting to feel all high and mighty.

ppl gonna buy gold, sellers are gonna make money and blizzard aint gonna do crap about it.

thats the reality.


It’s that that simple. If I really hated you I could purchase an absurd amount of gold for cheap these days and have it sent to your character by mail from the seller (without involving me whatsoever). Then you would be banned for purchasing gold

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