Perfect example

With blizzard nerfing the soar ability and keeping it a 5 min CD is the most perfect example that they don’t care about what the community wants.

There’s not a single person that could prove otherwise. Soar was extremely loved by the ENTIRE community. Honestly I didn’t see a single negative thing about it or anyone expressing a drop of concern with it.

Yet blizzard nerfed it anyways. There were people making entire videos and whole streams dedicated to using the ability in cool ways going through small caves and around different obstacles etc. And now it’s ruined.

And there were people out there that thought blizzard changed and was heading in the right direction :joy: well here’s your proof they haven’t and they just do there own thing regardless of what the community wants because they think they know better.


i don’t know what soar is


They hate the players having fun.

In Zereth Mortis they made sure getting exalted takes like a month, because grinding rep for a month is so enjoyable.

They just want you logging in every day.

Flying too fast hurts that = flying nerf


People love OP things that give an advantage - doesn’t mean it is healthy for the game. Destro warlocks loved how fun 4pc was and how OP it was - doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have been nerfed either.

How is it ruined by going from 3 times as fast as flying mounts to twice as fast? How will you be unable to go through “small caves and around different obstacles” now?


well most people will stay in the dragon isles and the news mounts have 950% speed meanwhile the dracthyr racial is 640% speed so no reason for use it instead the mount

Why is that a bad thing? You can use the mount (same as everyone else) while in dragon isles, and can soar around twice as fast as everyone else in the old world.

That being said I wouldn’t have an issue with soar being the same speed as dragon riding in the dragon isles - it’s just everywhere else where dragon riding isn’t enabled it should be nerfed.

Remember, even elsewhere it’s still TWICE as good as a flying mount.

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you remind me of that night elf on life support breathing in copium in captain grims video’s on youtube. You legit have no idea what you’re talking about. Is it fair that Destro warlocks have been in the top dps spot for 2 expansions now? And that if you wanted to play any other spec like demonology you wont get invited into any groups? Thats not fair but i dont see you fighting that.

On top of that if you see everyone enjoying a roller coaster at fast speed and you’re excited to do just that, and you get to the ride, they finally tell you, sorry we just dont like this roller coaster going this fast, so we will slow it down a bit, but don’t worry its still fast. Just not as fast as you wanted it to be. You will still be disappointed and felt betrayed. But just keep sucking on that copium, you and blizzard will eventually kill off the remaining player base soon enough.

Except they haven’t been?

Have you read any of my posts in the warlock forums?

Betrayed by an alpha change to a new class and unreleased ability? There’s definitely some copium huffing happening here, but not where you seem to think.


You don’t have any logical reasoning to why soar should keep its nerf. You just don’t like it and don’t think its fair. You know what I don’t think is fair? That your void elf race stole over 90% of blood elf customizations. I don’t think thats fair at all, and now you a thief and deceitful lier get to decide whats fair for me who wanted to try and main dracthyr evoker? How much more will you and Blizzard destroy for your own petty goals of making others feel like crap?

Here’s the reasoning;

World PVP that’ll exist for like 2 months.

Can’t die if you just fly away like a psychopath at mach9

You see when you sit in one position for too long…

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Thats not how dragonflying works, first you have to jump off a huge cliff to even reach that speed, not only that it takes 20 seconds to reach max speed. Rogues kill within 5. Druids shapeshift and fly out within a 1.5 global cool down which aren’t affected by netomatic. World pvp is a joke and always has been, just disable flying in warmode altogether at this point.

Let me teach you about the world of positioning.

Let me teach you about trinkets.

And let me teach you about how you need to be out of combat to flight form. Nelf being an exception because of shadowmeld.

You’re asking a lot here from a company who doesn’t change things in 6 months!

Rogues have blind, sap, vanish, cheap shot, in between the eyes, kidney shot, gouge, and shadow trance. Trinket doesn’t mean jack if the cc can just be reapplied. Also bubble hearth.

I think Blizzard put it best as to why soar needs to be nerfed: Feedback: Dragonriding - #71 by Sunders

Death knights and demon hunters stole some of my iconic warlock abilities too. CoE was taken away from us and given to others. What’s your point?

This is the most “casual PVPer” post I’ve ever seen.

You act like every class doesn’t have an answer to any of this stuff, and Dracthyr will be the exact same.

Perhaps you gotta git gud before you start making excuses about why Chuck killed you in that kidney while you have all CDs + trinket up :stuck_out_tongue:

My point is you don’t think its fair that dracthyr can fly faster than you in old content, as you listed yourself there are many things in this game that aren’t fair. But fairness doesn’t matter to Blizzard hence its not a logical excuse to make sure soar gets nerfed. And Blizzards excuse is an anti fun policy. Logically they don’t want you spending less time in game meaning less chance of subbing for money, this isn’t about fairness for players at all Its just a time gating metric to keep you subbed.

That’s not how Soar works tho

  • can’t be used in combat
  • requires momentum to gain speed

Seems oddly specific that it’s exactly how it works. It’s really not complex on how to drop combat and go to an edge of something to become a jet. Not like the class lacks for utility anyways lmfao

Idk how this is a hard concept to grasp.