People with female avatars do you get catcalled/harassed in game?

I do and for some reason it is mostly by gnome/dwarf avatars.

I can imagine this being a problem with undead female avatars as well.

I’m so sick of being /kiss and /hug and keep your hands off my digital avatar. Oh and I’m not even a woman irl. I am a man. This makes me get a whole new layer of empathy for women for what they put up with offline

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Sometimes, but to be fair I was kind of asking for it. Flirting your way to free bags is a win every time! Just don’t join voice chat or the cover is blown.

When I’m not living my best Moonguard-esque life, no one bothers me for playing a female character…at all.


Kisses and hugs are a far cry off catcalling. I rarely see that emote in play and honestly forgot it existed.

I welcome all kisses and hugs from friends and enemies alike.

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you don’t like to RP?

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I’ve always played with female avatars and can count on the fingers of my hands the number of times someone randomly /kissed or /huged me.

G.I.R.L. in WoW = Guy in real life

  • until proven otherwise on discord etc.

Sometimes people with dance with me but thats about it.

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Strangely not really, which is funny because I remember simping and harassing female characters being far more prevalent in Vanilla.

Why do you need proof. Does it matter?

I’ll eRP with you if you want.

Does it count if I cat-call my own character from behind my keyboard?

I mean, just look at those +healing numbers :S

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Playing as


I make sure to spit on all gnomes.

Relatively rarely, or at least I don’t really notice it.

I do have one guildie who complains of being targeted often, even when other female characters are near theirs.

I’ve only had one truly disturbing experience in WOW, on an RP server on a female character, where the male character went from normal enough chatty RP to suggesting a non-consensual act was taking place. Logged and deleted (she was only level 5/6 coming out of Northshire). That was more than a decade ago. These days I’d report without a second thought.

I unironically love that people can learn that type of empathy these days. It’s so cool that people can just put on another person’s shoes online! --Sorry, just channeling my inner boomer.

But also, yyyeah. I’ve been propositioned at least a few times. Kinda surprised to hear that happens off RP servers though.

Nope. Never had it happen to any of my characters.

Never been a problem for me, & I have played various female character avatars since the Dark Age of Camelot (2000+) days.

I go out of my way to be flirtatious and outrageous when I play a female character.

When I’m playing as a male character, I usually feel like I should behave as I do in real life.

When I play female, I feel like I’m playing more pretend and I can act however I feel fits the moment. I actually like the attention I get when I do that. Don’t like what someone says or does, then just ignore them.

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Can’t remember any time it has happened to my female characters. My male gnome bank alt though, he gets sexually harassed all the time.


You’re probably just reading into it too much

People on whitemane “catcall” each other all the time regardless of avatar, pretty much just banter, you see your guildy or someone you pvp with in the open world, toss em a /kiss

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