People who pay for carries

So how does that work in RBG? A buddy of mine paid 50k for a carry from like 1780 to 1800.

Personally I would never pay for a carry because I just feel like the gear is cool but not earning it makes it kind of stupid. Just a personal thing I guess although I’m sure many feel the same.

My question is how do carries even work in RBG? My buddy said there were 4 others getting carried in that group as well so 5 people total… how in the world does that work? Is it because the MMR is much higher and the players are just that good to win a 5v10 with 5 sub par sub geared players? I understand in arena how it can be done as games are 2v2 or 3v3… just seems crazy people are getting carried in RBG. I understand 1 person on a team of 10, but 5??

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I act under the impression that half the team is comprised of people like Fading, who actually have notable skill at the game, and the rest are simply pubs. They fill all the important positions and they just have to have people with half a brain cell who can follow orders.

I’ve asked a couple people about carries because I was curious as to how much people charge, and under considerable mental stress due to personal reasons, and a few mentioned that they only carry as far as you can go. In other words, they’ll provide all the heavy lifting but if your participation prevents success then you pay for their time and basically shove off.

At least as far as I understand.

Interesting… I totally feel you wondering how much people charge and stuff. If it was nothing too crazy for say 1700 to 1800 it would be hard to not consider it because after awhile of forming groups and putting forth the effort it sucks to be held back by 1-2 people not playing in the bracket they should be. For example at 1700 already have run into multiple Gilneas games lost due to lack of call outs and stuff like that when I require a mic. It gets so tilting. Almost want to just pay for 1800 but that goes against everything I pretty much stand for with this game.

Lol for now. Once most people figure how easy carries make it to get gear it will be like the corona virus infect pvp.

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Yeah I’m already questioning myself. Im 1701 right now and I know I can push 1800 without it. But at what time sink cost?

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Paying gold for carries pros/cons:


  • You don’t have to engage in literally the worst, most toxic activity in WoW which is LFG/PUG PvP.
  • Your friends don’t have to risk tanking their rating to carry someone with terrible gear and no rating.
  • It’s the quickest and most viable way to get gear/catch up if you just returned to the game.
  • You get hands-on experience with talented PvPers which is arguably the best way to actually learn PvP. (Assuming you don’t account share)


  • You won’t get street cred from the xH4rDc0ReX nerds on the forums.
  • You’re missing the satisfaction of a questionably relevant accomplishment in a 17 year old elf sim.

I’ve never paid for a carry but I 100% would if the price was good.


Lmao this was actually an awesome break down… thank you very much for that

Just one of those frustrating things that this game has devolved to such an extent that if you don’t have the social skills necessary to form a cohesive team to push rating the most cost effective way is to pay for wow tokens, sell them for gold, then use the gold to buy the rating carry. Blizz is fine if you buy a carry, they just need to get their cut too.

Other people buy carries because they know they can’t break into end game without lots of help. Obviously you are a different demographic if you’re just about gear being cool.

Honestly I’ve been looking for a good deal on a boost for gold. I am NOT paying anything more than 200k for an 1800 boost. Lot of people charge upwards of 1 million gold.

I refuse to play using the group finder. I don’t want to push rating with randoms and get stomped every game by people also boosting gold because my item level isnt 220.

Blame blizzard for this system: if conquest gear was all the same item level i wouldn’t have to wait for a good carry deal for gold


Dude…he plays a shadow priest for six hours a day and brags about it on the forums indefinitely afterwards. The class essentially plays itself.


I mean obviously I want the gear for more reasons than it is cool, maybe I misworded that. I just meant for as great as the gear is would feel kinda not good to not earn it.

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1800 is easy probably more so on horde.

Just play Hpal dont join groups with bad comp or leads with negative win rates


Nah I played Hpal in BC and got glad, I’m enjoying Ret being fun for once since I quit after WOTLK I’m not used to Ret actually being super enjoyable to play. I make my own groups the whole way up not wasting time sitting LFG… 1738 atm so I’m getting close

I think people need to consider that even if your good in RBG you can only rise as high as your teammates. You’re not going 1800+ with 1600 players no matter how much you play.

And thats where the boost comes in. It really should be called an 1800 rating tryout. You’re paying for better teammates not rating.

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I think at this point, paying for a boost is like paying for hired guns/mercenaries. These are group of guys/girls that have played together, know how to play their classes and won’t rage quit until the goal is accomplished. Now, you can do the same through LFG but as we all experience, the group will break if there’s one bad outing and you have to restart your trek towards whatever personal CR goal you have.

I haven’t paid for a carry but if I can find a good deal, why, not? I can farm the gold in game and use the gold to hire services for those that are more put together than I am.

Rubber banding rating is the worse, especially if rating is tied to gear upgrades. I gave up on this main simply because LFG got me all frustrated, lol.

50k for 20 rating?..

Dude you’d be surprised, I was at 1791 and messaged a few people just to gauge the price for 1 win because I was scared of tanking my rating down in LFG and people told me 500k at the cheapest. LOL. No thanks.

The more I think about it though the less opposed I am to carries in RBG, I do think it’s a little bit different from arena but nonetheless getting there without having to buy help feels better.

I don’t believe in carries in any form of the game. Everything is achievable to anyone who puts in the effort or time.

I have made it to 2.1k as Alliance this season with just pugging as I really wanted the spider mount. There are going to be times when you lose a few games. It’s not the end of the world.

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