People pining for the 'vanilla talent trees'

There will always be a best talent allocation whether that is 5 or 500 choices. You weren’t unique and quirky in Vanilla and came up with some awesome secret build. Your build was subpar and you were subpar.


What will be on the talent trees as passives are stuff like:
Art of War - Your auto attacks have a 6% chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice per rank. Has 2 ranks.


For what it’s worth, I don’t think anyone’s really arguing that they were finding ‘secret builds’ that were better than the min/max stuff. They’re just arguing that they like to be able to have choices, to pick stuff that’s more fun for them despite it not being the ‘best’. And let’s face it, you don’t necessarily need the ‘best’ build for pretty much anything. Other people will tell you that you do, though!


Sure I totally agree. It doesn’t change though that there is still and always will be a best choice.

I wish more of our choices had consequence and were permanent but that ship has long since sailed. WoW is barely an RPG anymore and definitely a glorified e sport with vestiges of an MMO and RPG. A competitive-focused game can’t have permanent choices

thats whats coming in dragonflight accept or move on.

I can accept it and still think it is a waste of time. It’s essentially dev budget as marketing. Designing a fake system to appeal to Classic Andy’s. Neither good nor bad, just a “waste” of money other than advertising- but advertising has proven value so while I might say a million dollars on a 30 second super bowl ad is a waste, the bean counters are for it.


^ that’s my opinion. A big ol shrug.

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I’ll never forget the first time I read about the right talent tree set up. It was the one everyone was using and I jumped at the chance to do it right.

I’m a current mythic raider of many many years and prefer the old style talent trees. Do everyone a favor and stop making stuff up to further the whole casual players are under attack narrative this forum loves to push. It helps nobody.


People don’t interrupt anyways


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The point isn’t that you gain a little per point, it’s that as you progress you get small incremental gains that add up to something greater over time.

Inevitably there will be a best build path but I personally like the small progression of allocating a point each level.


he say while hiding behind an alt.

Or unless you actually bother to find some friends to play with

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all you do with the talent trees now is run the exact same thing switching up one or 2 talent for pve and pvp at least there will be a ton pf talent choices in dragonflight.

I also think we won’t see much change with the next system. But if it makes the community feel more engaged, it’s worth doing.

My only beef with the current system was fixed during the squish. There was about 20 levels of empty space before the squish where we leveled and didn’t receive any new talents or abilities. That was a serious flaw that needed to be corrected, and the squish did just that.

Hopefully this new talent system keeps you invested from level 1 through 70.

4/11 mythic isn’t REALLY mythic. You’re still at the beginner bosses.

Nobody’s “pining” for anything.

Pre-MoP talent trees were objectively better.


Indeed, it’s just marketing and illusions, even the poster before you was fooled, but if that’s what it makes to make them feel better, so be it.

Again, they can add 100 talents but there will still be an optimal allotment of those talents. You can be cute and quirky and not pick what everyone else will be core/baseline spells because “tee hee I wanna be a shaman with no totems” but that doesn’t make you fun and interesting…it makes you bad.

I remember a character from a looooooooooong time ago who made and leveled a blood elf paladin and refused to train any healing spells or even his resurrection spell (which back in the day, you had a class quest for blood elves to get it)…his reasoning? He didn’t want to ever be expected to heal someone. He was a bringer of pain and not a fixer of pain.

How well do you think that went over? I can assure you it did not.


correct there will be only one or two main pve builds for raids and m+ the only place where you can try out talents and do something off meta is pvp.everyone in a raid will be running the one meta build and everyone in m+ will be running the other one meta build.

i only pvp in wow so i will have a lot to play around with.

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