People pining for the 'vanilla talent trees'

“1% extra damage to Nature spells”

Oh man so much fun! What a fun ability! I can really see the difference!


Better than “missing out on 30% damage if you aren’t the correct class, covenant, and don’t have the new, WAY over the top tier sets”.


You can say whatever you like about the old talent trees.

The three options for 9 rows style has always been lame to me. I felt we got robbed when we made that switch. I am GLAD they are redoing the talent trees.


The people who are over the moon for these were also the same people who couldn’t clear classic raids. They’re the ones talking about it, not the current raiders. Remember who Blizzards audience is, the ones who keep their sub rolling no matter what happens.

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its better than what we have now.


I just like to click buttons. More buttons means more fun. :grinning:


Talents themselves may change, but going to Wowhead or Icy-veins class guides to be told what talents to pick won’t.

“You have the wrong talents picked. Go online and read the guides from the experts and use what they say you should use or no invite.”

MoP thru SL
“You have the wrong talents picked. Go online and read the guides from the experts and use what they say you should use or no invite.”

DragonFlight and onward
“You have the wrong talents picked. Go online and read the guides from the experts and use what they say you should use or no invite.”

Unless your a solo player, then it really doesn’t matter but I’m sure a lot still pick those same choices anyway.

I mean you could have a personalized experience but then your not playing optimally and min maxing your DPS as much as possible.


… but, but, but… spaghetti talent trees are fun!

I really feel the immersion when my talents are a mess. : 3


Eh, I don’t pine for them. BM sucked in vanilla.


I think are pining for more choices. Nice bait though


It is the diablo 3 rune system basically.

I think MoP and Diablo3 were released in the same year and they tried to implement something similar.

As for the OP:
The talent trees will, as far as we know, be filled with conduits, azerite powers and perhaps artefact passives.

So if you spend a point it should be something major.


I like Diablo 3’s Rune System. My only real gripe with that system is that 5 choice design for every single skill in the game forced them to make way more variants that they ought to have for many skills, which meant they inevitably made a number of variants the same but this one does fire damage and this one does cold damage but its actually just mathematically worse, which resulted in people looking online for what is actually mathematically correct.

I think three options for choices but they’re actually different is a sweet spot… and that’s literally what WoW has/had. Of course, WoW sometimes has the “mathematically correct” issue and one major problem is that raids in WoW are not gameplay the same way that Diablo or M+ or PvP are, but they’re a math problem with input and output values, but that’s mostly only a raid problem. For the rest of the game it works.

The new talent tree still has this “pick one of three” nodes nestled in it so the strength of these talent tree are being kept. Most of the new talent trees are an illusion to fool Classic Andys, with the depths hidden at the fringes and in these nodes and that’s probably a good thing.


What I’m hoping for with this modern revamp of the old talent trees is that they add to it over time/as the level cap increases. I want to go back to gaining abilities/power that I get to keep, instead of it all being temporary/borrowed power that just gets removed with the next expansion. Aside from reworks, my characters haven’t changed or gained anything since WoD capped us at 7 talents. Everything from Legion? Gone. Everything from BfA? Level-capped and/or zone-locked. Everything from SL is almost certainly going to be the same. Hopefully these talent trees add some ‘permanent’ character growth back to the game.


All that matters to me is finally being a dragon and kicking a**


Pining … for trees…

i c wut u did thar


It’s always been an illusion to make you feel like you have more than you do. I hated as a hunter having to take 3/5 in raptor strike or aspect of the monkey just to get the talents I actually need. The change is meh for me, but we’ll see how it all works out.


Just wait till you invite that one player who didn’t spec into interrupt LOL


This is great news for those of us that don’t care about meta and want to build a hybrid just to goof off with, say a disc priest that is built more for damage than healing.

Yes, the meta cookie cutter builds will be required for max output. But this gives us options, which is something blizzard has been lacking doing lately.

It’s good news.


A lot of assumptions going on in this thread


If people talent out of interrupts for raid, you’re going to see a lot of people forget to swap to the right spec at the start of a key.

At least you’ll be able to swap load-out anywhere so you won’t have to resummon though.