People in my Server exploiting bosses through layering

Jello BLizzard,

This is it. I came back to this game after 15 years to give it another shot. There is one thing that is going to make me quit this again. Layering exploits of dungeons.
I had players laugh at me telling me to “Lrn 2 exploit” when I tell them not to and leave the group. Im annoyed of people boasting about how much gold their guild has. Ban them all. This is seriously going to make me quit when I have to work hard for my character’s gear, yet they just glitch and exploit to get epic loot. FIX THIS and PUNISH THESE PLAYERS THAT ARE TOXIC PEOPLE!

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Hey Ral,

Bliz is on it!

It’s possible that there are more loopholes to close, but Bliz is paying attention.