People don't understand economics in the auction house

So the Shadowghast crafted items has very low volume so the only way to make a profit is by being the only active participant. A monopoly essentially.

Someone complained about me undercutting them (and they’d repost naturally matching my price.)

Them: Why are you undercutting so much? You’re tanking the market.

Me: Because I want mine to sell, and I’m not interested in making you rich. If I just left it as a high price, and stopped reposting because relisting for 1 silver isn’t fun, none of mine would sell.

Them: I’ve sold several at

Me: Well yea, you had a monopoly at that point by being the only one that cares.

Them: You don’t understand, yours would sell if it was just as high.

During the reposting wars, one of theirs sold.

Them: See? Mine sold at a higher price.

Me: No, mine sold and yours did too. It functions just like it would if you weren’t constantly reposting - yours sell if mine are all sold.

TLDR: Stop reposting if you don’t want the price to crash. And I managed to drive the price from like 90k down to about 30-40k.


Lol. That’s hilarious.


I just undercut by 1g, check in a few hours, then do the same. No point in undercutting by anything more than 1g.


Good to know…this’s been happening all the time since AH were born.

Lmao the hero Gotham deserves.


Honestly if anyone charges a ridiculous amount for the base item needed for a legendary then they deserve to be undercut.


Mark up is like 50-300%.

So…if you want to drive down the price cool.

But please actually read on how the AH works now. The last item listed at the lowest price sells first.

So if you post your items at the same price as the lowest priced item then yours will sell first. All you did was tank the price (and good on ya if that was your goal) and then come here and demonstrate your not understanding the very thing you are lecturing people about not understanding.


There’s never a set price for items. If i want my stuff to sell fast I’ll sell it for under what’s already priced. People complaining about “undercitting” should also complain to the dude selling 1 copper items for 1,000,000 gold on the ah ( that never sell) for “overcutting”, lol

If other traders start bit… complaining (caz for some reason that other word get me banned) at me ill just say " when mine sells the price will go back up. Lower yours if u want and if u want to lower the average price of the item."

So all in all, you do you OP. Don’t give a toss about the other sellers. If u want yours sold fast sell for under the prices listed

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So…if you want to drive down the price cool.

But please actually read on how the AH works now. The last item listed at the lowest price sells first

First on the list sells (or is more likely to.)

Difference between undercutting by several thousand at once or reposting at the same price for 1 silver over and over.

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Not entirely. Tanking the price greatly increases the odds of a product selling. Many players are on a budget, and seeing a number drop drastically will encourage a sale. Some players look at an item and think “I’ll wait until the price drops.” You can cut to the chase and drop it a huge chunk to solidify a quick sale while also making a profit, just not as big as possible.


I don’t think tanking the price increases the odds of selling by much, but unless if they match my price, mine will sell before theirs. (And if they stopped matching my price, I’d naturally let the price go back up.)

This really only works if he’s willing to constantly sit and repost war with people though. Sometimes people need quick liquidity, or they’d rather sell out volume while the prices are decent, instead of struggling to sell things at 90k while the “getting’s good” and then the floodgates opening as farmers get more resources. If he moves enough inventory he will make more selling lower than he would otherwise, as long as he’s selling fast enough to compensate. This is basically how big retail stores work.


In this case you’re correct, probably not since its an essential item for player power. Players are more likely to buy at a higher rate because of the necessity.

I literally do not care at all about the market price in a video game.


I like to undercut to below material costs. Why? Because I can and reading people rage out on the forums is peak entertainment.


I do that if I’m trying to move inventory.

You don’t even have to undercut to make your listing first, but regardless OP’s entire point is that he doesn’t want to have to babysit his postings, which is fair. The AH update has been great, but we still desperately need buy orders.


Undercutting should be expected when dealing with any market, even a video game one. People who get so angry and butthurt over it in game are the ones who take the game and all its fake currency way too serious.

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Ignore/don’t reply back just enjoy the rage. :rofl: