People are so mad that an AV might last 30m instead of 6m

Obviously you care enough to post a reply.
But yeah, my guess would be everyone is generally crying and warring on here, because “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”
I’d say you made some good points too, but you didnt really make any.

To the alliance of wow classic. For 2 straight months we have heard your cries about open world pvp on a pvp server. I would like to say this you brought the constant dying and ganking upon yourself.

You had years and months to research what a pvp server was like in vanilla. If you chose to roll alliance on a pvp server for classic then suck it up. As I’ve said before the alliance are not the innocent during phase 2 I’m sure somewhere on a pvp server alliance were camping and ganking horde and yet the horde didn’t come here and cry about it.

Now you can brace yourself for what is about to come on tuesday because horde can now kill you 10 times instead of 5 before they are capped.


Are you going to honestly pretend that bgs weren’t released months in advance to try and stymie the camping that was going on, due to not only massive population inflation, but also population imbalance? Most of the complaints during that time were from the alliance. As such, to claim that “blizzard didn’t do anything to alleviate it” is a false statement. Which was what the person you replied to, was responding to.


so yeah. totally unapologetic horde favoritism.

Perhaps the Alliance who got camped in P2 should own up to their mistakes to plant their flags on PvP servers.

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What you really mean is that people are afraid to PVP with 35-39 random other people and would prefer to play with an organized team, and honestly, I don’t blame them.

With no way to control the quality of randoms and a gamemode that entirely relies on the coordination of an entire raid group to quickly move south and clear out enemies and objectives, the last thing I want is a level 53 AFKing in the harpy cave. I don’t care if games last 30 minutes if that’s how long it takes a well coordinated team to do it; I just don’t want AFKers, sub-60s, noobs, and/or bots.

The real solution would’ve been to allow 40 man premades on both factions. With the DR changes on HKs, that would’ve been quite a lot of epic PvP.

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This isn’t an Alliance only “problem.” It’s the way battlegrounds have been designed. Interestingly, only Alliance players seem to be complaining about this. I’ve killed (or been killed by) horde players that are below 60 a number of times. There are several horde players that don’t have their epic mounts yet, either.

All that being said, the Alliance groups that organize and adapt on the fly do fairly well. Instead of bashing those who’re on slow mounts or sub-60, work with them. Otherwise you’re only working against yourself, as well as everyone else.

I assure you, as someone who gained a few levels in that cave, these folks are not AFK. They are very active.

The battleground allows for everyone from level 51 through 60 to queue. That’s just the way it’s always been. #NoChanges?

I believe there are rated battlegrounds in retail for folks with this mindset.


P2 lasted 2 weeks before blizzard moved on, so your “blizzard didnt do anything” narrative is false. AV was left broken for months before blizzard did anything to it.


Releasing battle grounds two months early really translates into nothing.

I keep seeing alliance go on and on about p2 and how blizz did nothing. They released bg’s and it killed wpvp. Killed it dead. I played Classic hoping for the primetime of wpvp before the majority of the population was standing inside a city clicking que. Killed wpvp dead.

Enjoy it for one more day.

AV is rather unique in the inability to queue as a team, from my recollection.

I’m pretty sure adopting my strategy to include people who can’t even hit the enemy is not a recipe for success. Hard pass.

I assure you, I still don’t want players like you in my games.

Of course. They shouldn’t change anything.

Doesn’t mean I want sub-60s, though.

I don’t want rated BGs. I want Blizzard to stop changing the game, because they always make the wrong changes.

Fortunately for everyone else, the game’s not based on what you want.


Same goes to you, pup.

It’s supposed to be based on what the game was back in vanilla, but Blizzard likes to wipe their rear with authenticity, apparently.

I’m not the one crying over people playing the game as intended.

It’s the entitled players who’ve been wiping with authenticity.


Legit - how many av premades did you run in 1.12 v’s classic. I did all of my premading in wsg/ab and only ever ran av to get enough marks for the ‘for great honor’ turnins.

Sure - hosted my own premades using a quing addon in the cross realm era - because before that there was maybe 1 av game a day. No one played it.

I love long AV battles. It’s supposed to be an epic battle, not an epic fail.

blizzard didn’t do anything, they didn’t try to fix the faction balance, or discourage murder squads as ‘unfortunate behavior’, in fact they encouraged it with transfers, what they did do was release an activity that was already a thing. AV isn’t broken, it’s working as intended, and that’s the problem here, because as it is working it removes the horde pvp advantage.

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There is a singular win condition in AV: kill the enemy general.

Tell me again how leveling in the harpy cave is intended?

I don’t care about players in vanilla; I care about the game as it was in vanilla.

Stop confusing the two.

Its working as intended until the alliance didnt get their premade in the door and leave the q - forcing a 10v40 game


Actually, that’s a result of this being broken:

Doesn’t matter if a premade doesn’t get into the game. It’s supposed to fill afterwards with randoms. Problem is the game was starting before that happened.