People are so mad that an AV might last 30m instead of 6m

Because they never liked PvP. You won’t be missed.


There are some people upset that AV is timed, at all, rather than having Days worth of the same AV. Hell, some are upset that AV is Cross-Realm! AV is a mixed-bag of differing opinions.


In Classic PVP isn’t really a thing.


no, they’re mad because in phase 2 alliance got the short end of the pvp stick, and blizzard didn’t do anything to alleviate it and now in phase 3, alliance has a small advantage, the population disparity that was/is so in the hordes favor made premading easier. and now blizzards is going, “whoa, whoa!, we can’t have that, this behavior is ‘unfortunate’ so we are changing things”. whatever happened to pvp problems have pvp solutions.


I am sure this feels edgy to say, but horde or alliance… if they are trying to rank … no they don’t care about pvp. They care about honor per hour and that’s it. It’s not a mark against their character, they are not less hard core than you, they are just slaves to the broken system Blizzard created fifteen years ago. It is what it is. If you want to gain ranks, all you care about is honor… not necessarily pvp.


Exactly. You cant spend pvp. Pvp dont mean jack. And even if it does mean a lot to you, your number 1 goal should be acquiring the ranks and weapons to do it properly.

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Wiping you at Balinda isn’t pvp?

Wiping you at Tower Point isn’t pvp?

Wiping your pathetic turtle attempts at RH isn’t pvp?


For the record I did enjoy camping your turtle GY until you refused to spawn and started heading north like you’re supposed to… but I guess that doesn’t count as pvp.

Zug zug I guess?


waiting for the day where we wipe you from the rip… and u get 0 honor… never crossing the field of strife…

When premades say, " Just let the horde that want to go north go… we dont want to stop the." my ears begin to bleed…

Had all these freaking premades not started dissecting each other / cataclysms / schisms …among the player base… with their “God complex’s” We could of established some sort of meta that even pugs could follow/ randoms… and all alliance would just pwn better…
But you know… Psychopathy is the way to the top in this rat race…


See here’s the thing. Alterac Valley is a PVE based instance, in which the objectives are to kill LT’s, capture and hold positions, and kill the raid boss.

These objectives can be completed without touching anyone from the opposing team.

The faster you can accomplish the main objectives, the greater the rewards.

Now, you need to understand something… Honor points from players was essentially non existant in AV because of the 4 kill decay.

There are add ons that track the ACTUAL amount of honor a player is worth, I suggest you use them next time you want to turtle RH for an hour.

After Tuesday I don’t think anyone will care so much about a turtle, but right now, and the last month you aren’t gaining much by doing so.

Remember, you can only TAG a person 4 times for honor… wether you solo the guy, or just happen to be in the area, it counts as a tag towards the total.

Most of what I see in the logs is: so and so dies, you gain 12 honor.

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I use them :P… If you do a good 30 min long game and get max honor on every person… its about an extra 5k honor…
If you had a good premade… u could pretty much cockblock horde from getting any honor… like they do to us when they take SHGY … and farm ppl at GY…

We could get a 15-20 min game with max honor and horde have 1/3rd the honor… Which! would make them QQ soooo hard, they would start tearing each other up… and probably actually send more ppl to get honor then just turtling for a 31 min max honor game for themselves…

This is the motto we need to adopt…“GIVE THEM NOTHING, BUT TAKE FROM THE EVERYTHING!”


But i assume you’re one of those twits that cry … Put your riding gear on! Its all about pathing guys! this is pod racing here! Make sure u put on your NEO shoes and dodge the horde torpedo mages! All we have to do is be racecar fast and use our elite pve skills to get to drek asap!

There’s charts showing 15-20 min games with all obj , not including hk honor… is pretty much the same honor…

5k honor? I don’t know how you would accomplish that without staying very very far away from the main group and soloing people.

They RUSHED to phase 2.5 because the Alliance were getting camped.


Yeah, it depends on the size or ur deathball, and how many ppl u got doing other obj, IE… getting towers, rushing GY… and defending Northern OBJ…

Eventhen if all 40 ppl were sharing hk’s , its still like 1-2k if u max everyone out.

The squeeky wheel gets the grease…
Everyone knew alliance was gonna get insta ques when bg’s came out… And horde were gonna have que times…
How does throwing all the alliance pvp players in town 24/7 queing… while the overpopulated horde go out into the world whlie they wait for ques is gonna help anything is besides me…

Maybe its this… “IM TO GOOD FOR THIS!” mentality!

That makes no sense to me… it only gave the PVE/farming horde on pvp servers an easier time…
It pretty much makes the Horde market better! in every way… its almost like the decision was made by a HORDE MAIN! Who woulda thunk Zug Zug?

There’s so much Alliance salt in here, I might as well be eating McDonald’s french fries for breakfast


RPPVP flack

I need a smoke
You need a smoke?
Lets go smoke.


I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean, nor do I care :rofl:
IMO, you’re making a few great points, dude, but wow y’all are just so bitter and y’all hang onto a grudge worse than certain ancient warring cultures.

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