Penalty when kicked from a dungeon?

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I know this post is 5 hours old, and there are about 50 replies I have not read yet. This is probably already addressed, however just in case…

A party only gets one vote. So let’s say me and 2 friends queue together in party. We get you and a random player. We don’t like the random player and initiate a vote to kick. There are only 3 votes cast. We obviously vote to kick him. He does not vote I believe and is a automatic nope I’m staying vote. Meaning your vote is the deciding vote.

So it is not possible to gang up like that as you are suggesting.

All of that said, anyone had the choice to attempt not to play with anyone else for any reason. Due to this, the VTK feature really cannot be abused. They don’t have to have a reason you agree with. Their “silly” reason, don’t like mog, name, speed, dps, didn’t say hi, said hi, etc is as valid as any other reason you could think of. I have had friends kicked for being Vulpera. Nope not playing with Vulpera. It is a legit reason. Stupid reason, but still legit.

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And in this scenario you get an individual that does not want that dungeon and does not move a single step. Sits there tabbed out with sound on surfing the web.

Should THEY incur a penalty for effectively holding the group hostage? Or should they not get a debuff.

See, that is the exact problem and issue at hand, and why the debuff is blanket across all those that leave, no matter the reason.

See this here. This right here is what we are trying to tell you. Any reason is valid. This here shows us the core of the issue. Just because you don’t agree with it does not make it any less valid.

Am I sorry you are upset? Sure I am. I want people to have fun. I stopped having fun so I unsubbed. However I do enjoy trying to help people so here I am. However us not jumping on your train and echo agreeing with your position does not make it wrong, nor us wrong. As a matter of fact we have mostly said what blue posters have said in the past.

And now you have lost all credibility in my eyes. I am done on this one. Also, a very very bad thing to admit on the most heavily moderated forum for WoW

Wow hey your opinion was totally needed after we already had a 2 hour discussion about it. Thanks!

And I haven’t played on a private server in a long time. I’ve been playing Classic wow the last year. There is no reason to play vanilla wow on Private servers anymore after Classic release lol.

You posted here, so it should be welcomed at least.

I can understand you don’t like how the dungeon deserter system works.

It’s not perfect, it never will be perfect.

It will always be abused and exploited and Blizzard have done their best over the years to find a middle ground with it which seems a pretty good fit for most.

Try think about it from a team of people who have to make these kinds of systems, why, and how, and what repercussions it will have to millions of players, not just one.

I like to think they put a good bit of thought into this before it went live, they pay people to think about these kinds of scenarios and they do a pretty good job they seldom get thanks for.

I try to see it like this, if I don’t have time to finish a run and I have to leave, then 15 mins time-out before I can queue again isn’t going to hurt because I was too busy or had other plans.

If I was abrasive enough to earn the ire of 3-4 others and they booted me, I deserve a 15 minute time out.

If I get DC’d or people just kick me for what I perceive as no reason then I can hearth to SW/Org, Stretch my legs, grab a drink and by then I can queue again and it’ll be near a miracle if I get the same team again.

The alternatives are having no penalty which will be abused, and was, or having an even longer penalty which wouldn’t sit well with any of us.

Something like this is maybe best put into General Discussion in the form of a suggestion, in hopes of getting a better discussion on it that might well attract the eyes of dev’s who can see it, this forum though is for help and no one here can help with this and a Blue now has to spend time checking the flags and the thread and taking time that could be used on something else.


You all should take note from this gentleman’s post here. I would have stopped replying long ago if he had been one of the first ones to reply.

I still think they should figure out a way for the system to detect if the vote kick originated from a group within the instance party, and in this case not apply the debuff. The only downside to this is maybe the occasional tank that pulls the hostage BS and also just happens to be with a group. But I think this scenario would be rare and therefor not a major drawback of implementing said change.

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I wonder why it is that it always seems to be the people with terrible attitudes and social skills getting kicked “for no reason”. That’s such a bizarre coincidence…


Ok Karen of Azeroth.

Look, I think the deserter debuff is stupid too. However, being on the same realm doesn’t matter and if 4 other people wanted you out of the group, then majority rules. It’s not an “abuse” of kick mechanic if they don’t want you around them. In my opinion, if a majority does not want you in the group then they don’t have to have a reason.

Does that mean you should get a debuff?

No, I don’t think so.

Does that mean you should go full “speak to your manager” and cancel your sub/pre-purchase over having to wait 15 minutes?

In the words of Dwight Schrute: “That’s a bit extreme…”

See you in Shadowlands when you inevitably come back!


If you acted even remotely close to how you’re acting here in a group finder dungeon, I’d have vote kicked you too. Wouldn’t even feel bad about it, actually, I’d feel justified. You have a victim complex. People have given you rather solid proof, logic, and understanding of the situation and you are too ignorant to comprehend it. You are the reason I’m glad there is a deserter debuff because if I kicked you for acting the way you do, I’d feel better knowing you can’t queue up again afterwards for 15 minutes.


honestly people like that, make me question whether i should continue playing WoW. i don’t find many like that in Classic, and its a good thing to honestly.

pictures OP’s avatar on Karen’s face okay…i laughed more than i should’ve at that. XD

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