Penalty when kicked from a dungeon?

I’d think about it for a while. Every change will have negative effects and can be gamed. Ultimately the challenge is to minimise the negatives or place them in contexts where the positives far outweigh them.

A good suggestion will include and discuss both in a clear and concise manner.

I think that case is going to be extremely rare. You have to have two scenarios where you have both a group and the type of player that does that type of thing. You make it sound like this type of individual is common.

Then what is the issue? Blizzard can’t really plan for “extremely rare” cases. Especially when the solution is going to cause more loopholes than before.

The individual who holds a group hostage? I’m not sure how many ways we can tell you that it WAS very common. This was a massive issue a couple expansions ago. That’s precisely WHY it was changed.


Lol you totally missed my point. I’m saying with it being a rare scenario it should just be accepted that maybe someone can occasionally get away with it without the debuff. As I said it requires the situation being just right where you have both a group, and someone that is trying to hold it hostage.

I think this would be much less common than what happened to me tonight (The group colluding to kick someone for no legitimate reason).

They had a reason, you just don’t agree with it.


A reply from likely the same kind of individual that does this to people.

Stop trying to act like a victim.

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But this is what you are getting hung up on. No reason is needed in order to kick someone ever.

We have all been kicked for what we may deem as unjustified. Yes it is a bummer, but the kicks were in no way against any type of rules. Blizzard doesn’t take the WHY into account – only that you left.


I am a victim. I was penalized by being kicked from a group for no legitimate reason. Stop acting like a jerk.

The group doesn’t need a valid reason to kick you… That’s the point… There is a solution, group up with guildmates/friends… Honestly, you’re arguing about 15 minute debuff - for over an hour? Oookaay…


You’ve been arguing over this point for over four times the length of the debuff.

People get kicked all the time. For valid reasons and just because people can be jerks. I’ve been kicked just being from Moon Guard. I didn’t throw a tantrum, I just went about my business. You can step away, make yourself a sandwich. Go knock out some quests while you wait for it to time out. It is not that big of a deal in the greater wide view of the game.

  1. This happened shortly before I had to leave for work. I didn’t have the time to start a new quest, or wait the 15 minutes to requeue. Its mostly the reason it angered me so much.

  2. I’ve been discussing this on the side as I do my work. But nice job trying to shame me.

I guess I’m done now. It seems that the majority of participants in this thread think its acceptable to kick people from their dungeon group for little to no reason. How about you just get a group of 5 people so you don’t have to deal with random players. Thanks!

I probably just need to go back to playing Classic \ Private servers. There people have a reputation to worry about.

You really need to let this victim complex go. No one is trying to shame you, it’s to point out how absolutely ludicrous this entire conversation is. It is a video game. It honestly is not that serious. If it is? You’re in the wrong place, I’m afraid to say.

People here were trying to help you, explain how things work. All you’ve done is slap back at everyone here who has dared speak up. No one was being rude or anything of the sort until you just kept dragging this out.

I’m honestly not sure what you’re trying to accomplish here. And I do mean that sincerely. This forum is a players assisting other players forum, it being Customer Support, not Customer Service. If people are being blunt, it’s because it serves no purpose to sugar coat something. It is what it is. Your arguments, suggestions, what have you - they’re wasted here. There are no GMs here. There are no Devs. The only people who see your travails are people who cannot do anything about it to change the system, it being us players and some lovely SFAs.


You realise private servers are illegal right, and often you’ll have bigger things to worry about than just a 15 minute debuff if you take the risk of using one.

Funny how you go off playing the victim over a simple 15 minute debuff like it’s the end of the world, then admit to advocating intellectual property theft?

See above.


Apparently you don’t understand what a DISCUSSION OR DEBATE is. I fully understand its a video game. I don’t know what to tell you if you think this is affecting me personally. But again good job trying to shame me.

You were very much trying to shame me for spending an hour debating it.

And just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you need to shame them and put them down. If it bothers you so much then stop replying to MY thread. Everyone could have stopped replying just as easily as myself.

Get over yourself fool.

Nope. The reason it is this way is because players would hold groups hostage, refusing to leave and forcing the group to kick them, in an effort to avoid the deserter debuff. The solution was to apply the debuff to any character leaving for any reason.

The point is this isnt the place for a discussion your pleas are falling on deaf ears here your basicly talking to air no one that makes any decisions will hear your cries of injustice here dungeons/raids/scenarios or the ingame suggestion features is where u should be posting.

I really feel like this thread can be condensed down to a few posts.

Please let it be, folk.


Forum: a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

If this “forum” is not for discussion then why does it allow people to reply?

A mod can simply move it if it belongs somewhere else.

Read the stickies.

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