Pay Homage to Medivh with The Guardian Pack Transmog Set

Pay Homage to Medivh with The Guardian Pack Transmog Set

Pay homage to the powerful Medivh with a 3-pack transmog set that includes a feathered hood, cape, and a new staff appearance inspired by the legendary Council of Tirisfal.

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The helm and cloak are ugly. Maybe if this was a FULL tmog set but since you say it’ll go on trading post I will save my $10 Canadian and just get the staff(the only piece i’d want) for free later with my tenders.


I have $7 Bnet balance. Can you front me a $1?


Oh, this is an interesting idea.

Imagine if they did the Riot thing and gave you a bit if you drew your character with the mog or on the mount. :dracthyr_love_animated:


A very interesting idea.

Buy the Medivh set now and have it early for $8. Or wait a potential 8 months for it.

Honestly very curious on that decision.

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Blizzard took two store mounts and put them in the Trading Post, and I guess this is similar, without removing the store option.

Can we have the Waveborne Diplomat’s Regalia on the Trading Post too? It was originally meant to be there.


It’s an indirect way to monetize the trading post if you ask me. Not necessarily bad per se, but if they like the way this works expect to see a lot of this type of stuff show up as early access which will result in some free cash from the impatient and (theoretically) a bit of extra money from people staying subbed to get those items, or knowing they need to come back to buy them.

Why the big red jewel on the staff? It’s distracting and takes away from the aesthetic. It’s like a WoD level item with a raven superglued on top.

Would look so much better if it was just a simple staff with the raven.


Would have been better if it was trading post only instead of cash shop just saying.


That is ugly and bland.

The choice of coloration is awful.

It looks like a quest set.

What happened to impressive and flashy animated mog sets?

The idea to sell something is to make it colorful with the right color coordinations, and animations.


no ty lulz


If you struggling with $8 you seriously need to stop playing WoW and take control of your financials

Plus read the fine print at the bottom before you start whining

The Guardian Pack leaves the Shop indefinitely on May 31, 2023. The items will appear on the Trading Post sometime between September 1, 2023, and December 31, 2023.

Somehow, I don’t hate the idea of “cosplay” sets being for sale rather than earnable in-game.

That’s interesting.

Maybe it reminds me of what FFXIV does, while still having the best looking sets far and away available in game to earn.


Buy a wow token with gold

Ok first off I’m not struggling with finances I appreciate your feedback on that and 2nd I’m not whining how about you drop your nerd rage and touch some grass Zuma. Also have we gotten to a point that when folks say anything it’s considered whining grow up.

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So this set does not include everything seen in the pictures? No cloths included?

Heck no!



Yeah cause you came off as “how dare you charge $8 for a medivh transmog” without actually reading the bottom print

Like holy frick it’s just $8, you spend more on that with your trenta Starbucks frappe drenched in sugar pumps and cold foam mixed with soy milk

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Yeah, I can’t see myself plonking down cash for a set that’s just a hood, cape and staff, that will be coming for Tendies later. I guess there might be a handful of roleplayers who super, SUPER wanted some crow-themed transmog RIGHT NOW, though?

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