Patch 9.2.7 Clarification

I know it’s a new announcement, but want a quick clarification about this post:

If there are still carries advertised in Trade after the patch, are they subject to account actions? Will there be a new category for reporting?

I believe the entire point of creating the special channel is for all such advertisement to take place there. Any advertisement that takes place outside of the channel designed for it may be subject to standard advertisement rules and penalties.

I’m not aware of any new category that is being added, though it’s possible. Assuming not, it should be reported as spam, like with all other advertisement.


Without meaning to derail OP’s post, is this the new channel where we should put guild advertisements as well? The dev notes don’t specifically list that as a use case for the new channel, and /2 is where people have been putting them for the last 18 years. Clarification would be appreciated.

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The channel is called “Services” on PTR. The dev notes are very clear that the channel is for buying and selling group services. Advertising your guild isn’t buying or selling a group service.

Sure, but reading the Dev notes, it states: " We believe that with this new distinction, you’ll be able to keep Trade chat for the traditional buying and selling of items and professions, and not other chatter."

So that would leave “buying and selling of items and professions” to traditional trade, and “searching or advertisement of services like raiding, dungeons, or PvP activities” to this new channel.

My question is which channel that leaves for advertisements outside of those 2 classifications. a Guild ad is neither buying or selling of an item or profession, or searching or advertisement of a service like raiding, dungeon, or PvP activity.

The channel is targeting very specific things. If it’s not mentioned then I wouldn’t worry.

I doubt they’re going to start banning the dumpsterfire politics that run rampant in trade.

They’re not mentioned. Neither is non-group service advertisements.

I appreciate your opinion on it, but that opinion is worth as much as mine on the subject. I’m hoping for something a bit more official on the policy of the new channel vs. the existing one. It will be a question that is asked frequently in upcoming years if people are suddenly being actioned over it.

Basically, what constitutes “other chatter

I do appreciate the responses though :slight_smile:

I could be outdated here, but isn’t there already a Guild Recruitment channel? There used to be, I know for sure.

The “other chatter” is likely referring to the carry spam, and all the negativity/side talk that comes with it (So and so scammed me, how much is a carry these days, etc.)

They have always said that Trade is simply a suggestion, and as long as the conversation stays within the rules (nothing offensive, nothing inappropriate, etc), other conversations are allowed to happen. This is a social game, after all.

As I’m sure you are aware, the carry spam makes all those conversations nearly impossible, and that’s what they are trying to rectify.

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I wouldn’t think so, as it is specifically for services “like raiding, dungeons, or PvP activities.”.

There has been no discussion or reference to guild recruitment that I’ve seen, only services. Guild recruitment isn’t exactly trade, so overall it probably would be better in General chat, but I’m not aware of any changes on the view towards it. If it becomes an issue that our Developers want to provide more details about, it would likely come from our Community Management team.

This might be a better question to ask in the discussion thread that is linked in the 9.2.7 Update Notes.