Patch 10.1.7


  • Each week one of the four original zones of the Dragon Isles will be affected by the Dreamsurge. World quests will be focused on this zone, extra activities and weeklies will be active, group rares will have new powers and a chance to drop upgraded gear, and new Waking Dream portals (think invasions) will open across the zone.
  • A major Waking Dream portal will open as a group event every half hour. Defeating it will require a large group of players and has the chance to reward raid level gear.
  • Minor Waking Dream portals can be found scattered across the zone and can be defeated by solo players or small groups.
  • Players in the Dreamsurge will gain access to a variety of buffs that range from useful to powerful to chaotic. Every half hour a new buff will be selected for the whole region, with the players themselves choosing which one via collecting and “voting” (turning in) Dreamsurge Coalescence, an item that can be earned by doing activities (including world quests), finding hidden stashes, and killing group rares.
  • Thaldraszus will be the initial zone active for the PTR.


  • Follow Velen’s prophecy to reveal a new future for some of the draenei people.

    • Developers’ note: Draenei have been temporarily disabled to address a bug in this PTR build.
  • Heritage armor is now available for Night Elf and Forsaken.

    • Developers’ note: The Heritage armor questlines will not be appearing on the PTR.
  • 5 new skin colors available for Forsaken.

    • Developers’ note: Available for female Forsaken in a future PTR build.

Items and Rewards

  • New holiday rewards for Brewfest, Day of the Dead, Hallow’s End, and Pirate’s Day.

I’m losing my mind over the Nelf stuff, good lord.

Oh boy, playable Eredar. This is gonna be interesting.

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I don’t even play Forsaken but that’s enough to get me to roll one. That armor is amazing!


How about a check box for upright posture? That would finally make it worth it. Tired of looking like my Velicodrake.


That heritage armor would look AMAZING with upright posture.


I am beyond delighted by the new Forsaken heritage armor. All the same the upright undead struggle goes on.

Please help us with petitioning for upright Forsaken by visiting these threads and giving them love:


Watching SLP people whine about this is glorious.


Given how some of them were seen asking why Forsaken would even care about Lordaeron…

Stormwind is going to be the new Argus with all these Man’ari RPers about to reroll.


Behold! the flames of the Firelands!

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I am excited about the holidays being updated. They really need it.

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I certainly love the claw accessories on the NE heritage armor. Wish my BE could use them. I have a transmog set that would go perfect with them.

Night Elf and the Undead Stuff is freaking amazing. Honestly happy for those who are finally getting something great for the two races.

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Yeah the holiday stuff really needed some updates.

can anyone let me know where you find Valen or whatever his name is to start the quest for the new skin for the draenaei?

I’ve checked stormwind, draenor, dalaran and no seeing red quest. lol

Something was so broken with the quest they completely disabled Draenei from the PTR, so I don’t believe its implemented yet