Patch 10.1.7

Draeni was back in and also in the creation screen and I have been able to log mine that I ported over. Just not sure where the starting point is for it.

I’ve been checking every where again and no clue where the quest is IF they put it back in but I also haven’t found any notes saying there is an issue with it now. How can I keep track of it when it is datamined, was looking forward to checking it out. lol

None of the datamine crew have posted anything about it, so I don’t think the quest is in as yet

It’s possible they may try to hide it like they plan to the heritage questlines. Not sure if they’ll succeed but… xD

well they hid the 9.2.5 questline pretty well. Taking that into consideration…pretty sure they can hide it well when they want to.


I love the night elf additions.