Party Sync Needs Work

The concept of Party Sync is great. Being able to queue up with your friends regardless of level is a solid idea and a great addition to the game.

The problem is that level cap players who party sync down remain well above the power level of that of the average player in that bracket. Because of this, the system is abused by degenerate players who want an unfair advantage. Please stop catering to this type of player.

When players party sync, they need to be given a temporary talent tree that only allows them to allocate the correct number of talents so they aren’t abusing the massive power gains from capstone talents. Also, when a player uses party sync to queue for PVP, their item level needs to be dropped down to the mid point of that bracket. The point of the system is to be able to queue with friends and have fun, not obliterate the opposition because the system makes you a god among mortals.


you clearly don’t understand where the power is coming from

I’m open to more information if you care to explain. Regardless, the system is flawed and needs to be improved.

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well it won’t be improved that’s the blizzard way just join in and enjoy like i do

party sync gets a set template of stats and gear = to x3 in that bracket.

at level 10-19 they get a stat set = to a fully gear level 13.

ANYONE with gear in 10-19 that is 15+ will dominate them.

the problem is NOOBS show up missing gear or wearing stuff that is 9 i-lvl from noobie island.

ONLY pvp when you are in the top half of the bracket
ONLY pvp when you have all your gear slots filled
put in a little effort and you wont get stomped in a BG


If your birth certificate had a clerical error that showed your birth date as being in the year 2013 and this allowed you to compete in little league sports, would you enjoy doing so? Would you feel good about yourself when you were able to dominate little kids at a clear disadvantage?

I don’t understand the mindset of someone like you who would rather abuse this flawed system than see it improved to a state where it serves its purpose without creating the unfair advantage.


Kinda sad that people would go down into the lower level brackets.

Ruins PvP for lower level players.


the unfair advantage is “created” when noob players show up missing gear.

the ONLY reason people party sync is BECAUSE they know kids with no gear will show up


Yea, people with missing gear was a problem far before party synch came along. Still is a problem.

Exactly, I can gear the hell out of a toon and kill pretty much any enemy.

BUT what I can’t do is carry 8 clowns missing half their gear.

people need to do their job and show up prepared

It’s lower level bgs.

Most people are just passing through the brackets.

The expectation isn’t they should max gear their toon for each bracket when they participate in random bgs.


I see party sync players decimating the battlefield at all brackets. From 60-69, players aren’t missing gear. You may have a few players who are still missing pieces of DF gear, but the majority of players are geared and the party sync players still have a clear advantage that allows them to DOMINATE. You guys are trying way too hard to justify your degeneracy.


I play almost every bracket of PvP from 10-60 and I have never had an issue with party sync.

I play like i say.
Top of the bracket
full gear every slots
I look for gear in dungeons in the lower half and BG in the top half
if I’m missing pieces I fill with AH or professions.

I have never had a huge issue with party syncers, UNLESS my entire team is full of undergeared noobs.

Any particular reason why you’re scared of max level and like to ego over levelers? lol


If it didn’t create an advantage it wouldn’t be so prevalent. You’re trying way too hard to understate this problem that many players experience and is a detriment to the game.


and this is why party sync people go down and exploit them.

I have called for MINIMUM i-lvl requirements for years.

NOT best in slot… but like party sync they should have at least = to a geared x3 in the bracket

if people had gear in BG’s party syncers wouldn’t be one shotting them.

no more party sync exploiters.

I have killed Drakthyr in many BG from 10-60 and made them RAGE quit.

IF you have gear they wont kill you and wont come back. Lets put some owness on the players

O plz you so it to specifically vs level 10s because your excuse is you work :roll_eyes:

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Another view that can be considered is what about new players trying to learn pvp as the level their 1st toon?

This would definitely keep new players from continuing to progress.
I’m sure there will be argument for pve but in the end this hurts the game and it will never grow under this format.


Bueller? Bueller?