Party on the Dance Floor in the Darkmoon Faire

Party on the Dance Floor in the Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire returns with a new addition—Darkmoon Dance Competition!

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can we get rid of the one in the auction house now which I have never seen anymore use - also isn’t it midnight in California right now?

Go use a different auction house and leave my dance floor alone! :rage:


Bold of you to assume I know how to dance. My particular lack of skills is about to serve you fools!

earn a perfect score on Hard one time to get this moist achievement.

I am now properly motivated :wink:

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…This actually sounds fun

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This is fun, Blizz! Trying it out now, wasn’t doing anything else tonight.

What a cool game though. It’s like Simon Says, but they really made it cinematic and immersive to get into. Also Hard Mode doesn’t play around. You have 1 second to memorize all those moves :sweat_smile:


I just feel suspicious because the darkmoon faire hasn’t been fun in ages for me lol.

Heading over now

Honestly? It’s pretty fun.

But not too keen on the having to get a perfect score on all difficulties 10 times for the meta. Lol.

Hopefully someone makes a weakaura to help people with bad memories remember. I couldn’t manage the third difficulty ;_;

I know a few people who literally spend hours in the AH when it changes. If it bothers you, there’s another AH in both SW and Orgrimmar. Lol. And almost always someone puts a Brutosaur right outside the AH.


so you think people will still use it when they can do this at dmf monthly

Probably, since the dance floor in the AH is everyone. The Darkmoon Faire Dance Floor is instanced, it’s just you. It’s in a vehicle.


how unfortunate

I’m a flamer so I already got the achievement done!

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raises hand - I’m guilty of this!


Is this the first step into turning the DMF into an esport?

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And to think we removed sexually suggestive achievements for them to add

  • Maniac on the Dance Floor
  • Busting moves isn’t making you bust? Keep it up to earn a perfect score on Hard ten times.

Do we not know what to “Bust” means? smh


I guess having my bank and AH in my Garrison, I haven’t gone to an actual AH in a while. I wasnt even aware of any of this.

From what I am gathering, the AHs in Org and SW turn into dance floors?

Now I feel like one of those cloistered kids who is missing out on all the fun while the street kids are dancing in the market place.

Kind of like that Madonna video :

You mean I actually have to go back to the dmf again? maaaaaaaaaan…

It can also mean you’ll try very hard to succeed in something.

Translation: Difficulty not testing you enough? Try this achievement


Just the one in the Valley of Strength/Trade District.


Cool upbeat dance party soundtrack plays in the AH as an added treat when it changes too!