Pally's Reckbombs - 2006 archives - working as intended

I have had zero issue with both wf totem and hoj procs. I have not tested sword spec as yet - i did loot demonshear so sword spec is on the cards for testing. I do not use a start/stop macro unless i am testing behaviour - maybe that is why i am seeing no change - if you stop your attack right on a hoj proc - you should lose the extra attack because it was never intended to be ‘on next swing’.

Its not i told you so - its updating and sharing information about intended behaviour so as to not see more repeat posts regarding it. They fixed broken things that needed fixing.

I am not even talking about using the macro to stop/start, as I never abused that mechanic.

I am not sure what triggers it, but I end up going on short sprees where my HoJ and my reckoning just do not proc. I know some people who also complain that the same thing happens to them as well, with both sword spec and HoJ. There are streamer VoDs that confirm this as well.

Blizzard probably won’t ever fix it to work properly, because they have always gone for the easiest fix, regardless of how much other stuff it breaks.

Where do you find this information?

https:// classic.wowhead. com/news=300054/reckoning-bug-fixes-and-not-a-bug-behaviors?webhook

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Another horde relying on game breaking number differences to bully lowbies cause they’re bad.

“Their Not a Bug list” and “reference client” is just total rubbish…

This is total BS Blizzard going back on there word and changing classes that was like this for 15 years…

I have a conspiracy theory. I think they don’t actually have a 1.12 reference client, they’re actually using a 2.0.1 one. That’s why some things like Skull of Impending Doom work like they did in TBC, and that’s why Wowhead is displaying comments on items and abilities all the way up to 2.0.8.

They changed reckoning in line with their 2.0.1 reference client, because they don’t actually have the data from 1.12.

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@Blizzard while ur at it remove execute from warriors

Cite your sources, you’re just a habitually salty ally that has to resort to strawmen arguments, one thats completely out of context at that.

Is there an execute bug im unaware of? its 60 damage per rage for the initial damage (imp execute) and 15 damage per rage there after.

Are we not getting enough damage total or too much?

Do some google search there’s already a post with many screenshots/videos of it working in 1.12… typically horde cry baby

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I cant take you seriously because you said the word balanced.
This isnt the game for that. This game should be working the way it did in 2006 1.12. Its clearly not.

Clearly if they made a change based on their own 1.12 client, one would assume it did infact work this way in 1.12 - on the other hand they are already at somechanges as opposed to nochanges. Fixing bugs is what they do. Sometimes in doing so it creates an additional bug that also needs to be fixed.

I played WoW 12 Hours a day back then. Their client is wrong.

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