Pally's Reckbombs - 2006 archives - working as intended

So there seems to be a lot of people under the impression that sitting down to gain a reckoning charge is an exploit in the current game…

I have here an old thread dated 5/26/2006

https:// web.archive. org/web/20060719084043/http:// forums.worldofwarcraft. com/thread.aspx?fn=wow-paladin&t=1069149&p=1&tmp=1#post1069149 - there is a couple of spaces in there because its a long link.

If you scroll down to post #10 Baconn says:

"sitting down DOES store a charge for reckoning from npc auto attacks

what you have to do is stand up right as they are about to connect and you will store a charge. " - 5/27/2006

This is the method that people are using at the moment, timing the swing and standing up just before being hit…

Now, this is from patch 1.10 but I’ve had a look at the patch notes from 1.11 and 1.12 and I couldn’t find any fix for this method, which makes me believe it was in 1.12 as well…

So… Working as intended…


How many hits did it store grant?

Also this isnt an issue on its own. Unless of course you read that its not supposed to proc it in the not a bug forum, then it becomes a workaround to a cnange they indeed did make to crit reactive procs, therefore an exploit when used in Classic. Semantics.

Note - they did hotfix bosoc to NOT give rek procs - which did work in vanilla.

It stored 4 + normal hit for 5 hits total… back then when I played also It stored 4 + normal hit for 5 total…

Either way, sitting and standing at the right moment to get a crit is part of “worts and all”

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No. Its still broken due to batching. You dont even understand the core issue. Not sure if trolling.


Am I off in remembering they hotfixed it after that one dude 1-shotted a boss? Cant remember. But spell batch Im unsure about.
Anyway I think its 5 stack post hotfix.

They hotfixed INFINITE STACKING. After the hotfix it caps at 5.


Ok so I wasnt crazy…so is batching preserved on top of each stack? I play a pally alt, and rarely open world against them when Horde…ive heard conflicting things.

Remember kids, #NoChangesUnlessItsEffectingHordeNegativelyInThatCaseChangeChangeChangeBecauseHordeNeverStopCryingIfTheGameDoesntInfinitelyAdvantageThem


Another paladin trying to rely on a gamebreaking exploit cuz they’re bad at the game

Imagine needing to spec into tank and then spending time out of pvp combat setting up something that shamans do by just dropping a totem regardless of spec.


Imagine looking at things like this in a vacuum and not taking into account all the other factors involved such as overall class toolkits

Just another salty alliance player thats bitter for choosing the wrong faction and just wants to spite the other side and rely on gamebreaking exploits to compensate for how bad at the game they are

Imagine not looking at your own class toolkit to the point where you are complaining about probably the most underpowered DPS spec in WoW.

you keep saying this but its not gamebreaking and its not an exploit. If anything its a janky gimmick that only works in world PvP after spending time setting it up outside pvp combat.


working as intended… worts and all…

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Imagine getting your hand held by Blizz in wPvP and then having the audacity to be upset alliance have something going for them.


No good player would loook at an exploit and consider it just “something good going for them”

If you’re relying on unintended mechanics and exploits, you’re trash

People that “cheat” to compensate for their shortcomings are trash and hypocrites


Ok boomer.

Edit: Btw I tank in raids using gbok you wanna be mad about that too? ^^


It was an exploit then, and is an exploit now.

Just because blizzard didn’t/couldn’t fix it does not make it not exploiting a bug.

The facts are that people could /sit to get reck charges, blizzard patched that behavior out specifically because they didn’t want it to be possible.

People found that the patch only half worked, because if you stand up at the right time you still get a trigger.

You are past the point of “creative use of game mechanics” when you are aware it goes against the developer’s intent. Because this behavior was intended to be patched out, it is an exploit.

It may never get fixed, but it is still an exploit.


I think Alliance needs to increase funding for their schools.

Reckoning is a 100% chance to gain an extra strike after being critically hit.

Windfury is a 20% proc chance for 2 extra hits (with extra AP).

100% =/= 20%

And the chance of getting critically hit…twice?


That will never get fixed, nor will anyone ever get banned for using it.

Sort of stretches the meaning of the term.