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100% chance per melee attack abusing /sit…

You really want to die on this hill don’t you.

Dosen’t matter how many times you are crit. 1 crit = 1 extra swing. Windfury is 20% chance to proc.

See the difference yet? You get crit, you get an extra attack. Meanwhile the shaman is praying to the RNG gods for a proc and crits.

Not if they dont know how to fix it. One solution already out there is to simply remove the auto crit behaviour entirely from /sit

Unless you abuse a stop/start macro then its 1 crit = 2 extra swings.

Outside of PvP combat, in the open world.

It works in pvp combat. /sit/stand for a 100% chance to be crit resulting in 1 instant attack and spamming stop/start attack macro will also give that 1 extra attack, and extra instant attack.

so take a melee attack in pvp combat and deal 2 instant auto attacks back, 100% of the time.

I’ve seen a paladin try sitting in PvP versus a warrior, he got deleted.

I saw a frost mage try to cast a frostbolt against a warrior, he got deleted.

My anecdotal statement is just as irrelevant as yours

And yet i recall explaining in depth on another thread that you replied to me in, how a paladin using engineering, a fap, lay on hands, a bubble and exploit these 2 macros, can delete 2 warriors in under 10 seconds, heal and delete a rogue, mage and a priest - when catching them out by surprise.

Imagine the paladins target was your priest healer whose health dissapeared because the rogue attacked the paladin 3 times - the paladin did nothing but spam 2 macros.

i mean if you can get reckoning and eye for an eye. you don’t really need to stack charges. just play the game.

Sitting to gain reckoning charges is an exploit in Classic.

It was an exploit at the end of Vanilla, too. Blizzard intentionally patched out the ability for sit crits to count as real crits for things like Redoubt, Reckoning, and Enrage. Paladins couldn’t deal with it and started cheating.

Exploits are explicitly not part of the mandate.

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Why do we make 100s threads saying the same things. :thinking:

You all that bored all the time.

Blizz has clearly stated that you’re not supposed to get procs from receiving crits by exploiting sitting and standing back up. If you’re getting around that, you’re exploiting.

Any bug in the game is fixable. People are paying to play anyway, though, so why would they?

look - this is the sort of crap that existed in Vanilla. If that’s news to you, you should have done more research.

They won’t touch this without something much larger, like patch version 2 talents before releasing BC. Don’t like it? Keep screaming at the wall, but there are other things that will be addressed long before this.

Everything is broken due to batching though- to the point where you just have to accept it’s part of the game, and it benefits almost everyone.

ie- Warriors, shammies, pallies, rogues- HoJ, sword spec, windfury, reck can get an extra swing by using the macro with spell batching.

All melee- your melee swing/ability will ‘batch’ and hit enemies that are well outside melee range, this is a pretty big advantage against ranged trying to run as it gives you a lot of extra time to get off more damage or something like a hamstring or stun.

Warriors- cleave while queued makes offhand attacks auto hit.

Mage- casting frostbolt and then fireblast or pom something will all get the benefit of 50% crit from shatter.

Ele shammy- casting CL and then a shock will cause both to auto crit/be free with ele mastery when only one should be critting.

I’m sure there’s far more examples- but the point is, unless Blizz drops spell batching, you need to get used to this benefiting almost everyone, all of which is a ‘bug’ or ‘exploit’, but a lot of which is hard to avoid (like queuing cleave or casting an instant after a cast time spell) because even without there being a bug most players would do those things.

Right on! That bubble, plate, required second player to cause the crits, and complete lack of mobility will make their windfury 300x worse!

Except this was never intended behavior for Classic and wasn’t present in Vanilla. (well, the sit/stand thing was present, but the interaction with the start/stop attack macro giving an extra attack on procs was NOT) I know for a fact that the ele sham bugs are new to Classic- they are way too obvious not to have been common knowledge. Classic spell batching=/= Vanilla spell batching. There are some extremely wacky bugs that are resulting from the Classic emulation.

heh. that windfury totem exists for quite a while in combat whereas the “reckbomb” only lasts 1 use and needs to be rebuilt up from the ground again.

funny how that works eh?

you diddnt think that through did you?

I played vanilla - as a sword specced arms hoj equipped warrior this sort of behaviour regarding instant attacks did not exist in vanilla. Any proc for an instant attack would completly reset your swing timer.

You keep forgetting the important part of windfury. 20% chance to proc. VS rets guaranteed. Not to mention the totem only has 5 hp. Is it our fault people refuse to switch targets for the second it would take?

The day windfury becomes 100% chance is the day you can compare it to reckoning.