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It’s the combination of a mana cost in addition to the minute risk of lock out.

to be fair - it doesn’t cause a lockout on Lightshope actually

I wasn’t saying they were the same, I was proving his “immediate and far reaching” comment wrong. I wish I could say I don;t know why he keeps deflecting to the seal twisting thing, something I have not commented on at all, but I know him well enough to know that he can’t have a logical discussion and just rambles nonsense so people don’t think he is wrong.

It was my fault for engaging with him again, I should have known better.

cause Seal Twisting and RECK charges by mashing your X button both utilized the same server lag yet were never considered to be exploits or bannable actions by Blizzard - quite the contrary - especially in the case of Seal Twisting which ended up becoming the defacto DPS rotation for Blood Elf Paladins in TBC

Yet you seem to think that they are on the same level as DI’ing Razorgore, kiting Broodlord to Vael’s room or hacking the game files to remove the floor in front of Prophet Skeram so you can jump down and avoid the entirety of AQ40 and just kill C’thun…

your logic is flawed friend

I mean if you had just listened to Countdown to Classic interview Kevin Jordan today, he even admitted that Totem Twisting wasn’t his design direction that he envisioned but he didn’t do anything about it for the entirety of Vanilla until he could do something about it in proper order - doesn’t mean that he banned people for it if they used it lol:

Is that true in actual Vanilla? I ask because actual vanilla is what Classic is gonna be, so it’s a valid point of concern.

Regarding the sit spam to trigger reck, IMO just make it work or not work… If it was a gimmick, then they should just pick a game state.

that’s all I’ve wanted to know one way or the other for years now - same with Judgement stacking and same for the fire proc items:

And people can flame/hate/troll me all they want - I honestly don’t care - but if they are going to try and argue with the guy who LITERALLY designed every single class and spec in Vanilla WoW…

Well that’s on a whole other level of lulzville

Oh mistake not friend, I am here specifically to learn the basics while I wait for launch.

I never really considered Paladin in WoW, especially back in the early days when much “flashier” DPS classes existed but this thread makes me want to roll a Prot Pally. I always preferred the weapon and shield aesthetic to dual wield, which is depressingly common in not just WoW but many MMOs/RPGs as I never liked the idea of dual wielding.

Though this time around it can only be Humans and Dwarves…and if I make a Dwarf I’d rather just go Priest for Fear Ward.

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the last part of my response wasn’t aimed at you but “others” in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

All good. I guess we just wait and see how things actually were. It’s a shame someone never actually detailed every single spell and interaction…

But when you think about it; that’s effectively impossible in a 40 player raid.

Would have been nice to have a clear cut set of parameters for every spell.

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but then we would all be playing retail…or no longer playing it cuz it’s too dumbed down lol

I’ll pass on modern WoW, that game is just pathetic.

Holly paladin with a warrior friend :slight_smile:

For solo, I’ll go protect

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wowhead classic lists it as a holy spell so I would operate under the assumption that it will lock out holy spells.
Either way I can tell you you want to get _https://classic.wowhead.com/item=5462/dartols-rod-of-transformation

The animation appears as a holy cast but doesn’t lock out holy spells and priests/paladins use it a lot in PvP. If you suspect a mage might try to spell lock you, use it first to bait the interrupt.

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I personally enjoy Ret Reckoning, maximizing physical damage and mitigation.

From level 10 to 20 I spend in the holy tree. The BiS paladin weapon from the class questline, Barrigan’s Fist, is a 3.2 speed weapon, which means SoR is superior to SoC. Barrigan’s is BiS until Archeus at level 28+. The 14 points between level 21 and 34 are pretty much free, you can put them wherever you want. I personally like 8 points prot for Devo Aura and Precision, because I don’t value the 15 in ret that much, considering our gear and the fact that Reckoning comes online at level 35 and we imediately spex out of 11/x/x and into 0/25/0

From the second you get Reckoning, you don’t care about gear at all. Put on a 2h for fat damage or a shield for mitgation. You’re doing a crazy amount of damage and mitigating pretty hard, with or without sit/stand macro abuse, which may or may not be in classic. After level 35 I build ret for a goal of 0/25/26, but Holy Reckoning is a build as well if you want a bit less damage and mitigation in exchange for healing power.

This build is mostly about keeping yourself on powerspikes as long as possible. You start weak, get Trog Slicer at level 15-17, Barrigan’s Fist at 20-23, Archerus at 28-33, and hit Reckoning at 35 which carries you to cap. The rest of the talent points in Ret enhance the power behind the build quite a bit as you progress.

You need 11 points holy to really tank, so this build doesn’t really have the potential to do that. In fact, this build is honestly quite bad in group PvE, it lacks the threat generation to tank in dungeons, but invests heavily into mitigation, and gets enhanced damage when attacked by multiple enemies. Without enemies attacking you for Rec procs, you do less damage than deep ret, and you have no holy talents to enhance your healing. In essence, this build revolves around getting hit and hitting hard, but you lack the threat tools to tank for a group. Consecration is too critical for paladin threat generation to cut out, it’s just not very realistic to tank without it. Opting into it changes our gameplay priorities a bit and dilutes one aspect that makes Ret Rec builds awesome. You only need Strength and Stamina. No mana problems. Your damage comes from returning hits with passives, not using spells. Paladin usually suffers from bad itemization across the board, but not this build.

Ret reckoning is the best solo spec. Deep ret is the best for group play. Holy Reckoning makes a great lategame tank for dungeons. Deep holy can solo, heal, or dps with a lot of flexibility. Deep prot is an AoE grinding spec. Your personal situation, guild, friends, and overall playstyle will determine what’s the best Paladin spec for you. There is no ‘Best’, because there are so many ways to build the class outside of raid that suit so many different playstlyes. Paladin has a great deal of flexibility during leveling and pre-raid 60. I don’t know another class with this much viable flexibility. All three pure specs and hybrids of all combinations are viable for leveling.


As a returning warlock player, I feel you aren’t an accomplished warlock until you’ve learned all your summons which includes the mounts. I remember the warlock community would always be there to help someone trying to get that quest done. You had to do all the work to get there, but if you were ready to form the group warlocks would come out of their way to help.

I always assumed paladins felt the same about their mounts. It will probably be easier than it looks on paper if your chill with your server.

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Oh fantastic idea, I have that on my Hunter still to this day… Never thought about the color of the cast, but that makes perfect sense.

That item can be used in the same way a hearth stone is used yes? Reason I ask is because it’s not something I need to equip if I remember correctly…

I plan to get the Paladin Mount, but I do feel that the standard Epic mount is the wise first investment once I hit 60… At least at this point in time while I am uncertain about the state of holy lock when mounting… Also the mana cost for fresh 60 just feels a little expensive considering the fact that mana is a very valuable resource in Vanilla.

I plan on doing the paladin epic mount quest and getting as it’s a right of passage. I would love to hear from more paladin regarding the mount being something that can or cant get you holy locked.

Specifically talking about actual vanilla because I just don’t trust the accuracy of the private servers… Not bashing, but they did get the warlock pet summons flat wrong by using the TBC version of the spell, who’s to say they don’t have a ton more stuff just like that.

That’s because they used code from TBC and then reverse-engineered from there. They generally are deved by people who donate their time so a lot of the bugs aren’t fixed in a timely manner.

If you are mana burning a ret, ok good for you? While you are mana burning he is walking up to your face to smack you to death. If you mind flay you aren’t moving either. The paladin can cleanse your powerful debuffs. A good paladin heals early while you aren’t moving. Try running and you aren’t doing damage so they follow instead.

Facing a healing paladin means it’s a stalemate as the priest has no gap closers themselves. I wouldn’t want to face a healing paladin with the runeblade of the baron either.

It’s just an inventory item. I used to use it on my priest. And yes it’s like a shaman/druid using a hearthstone to bait an interrupt.

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